Ready for October rates


We can go to DISNEY now…wohooo! Yesterday we got our proposed property tax bill and it isnt what we had anticipated by a long shot…sooooooooooooo…we are going to DISNEY WORLD!!! <doing the happy dance>

We are hoping to go in October but didnt want to settle on a date until we knew what discounts were available. Now we are more anxious then ever to get those darn discounts announced. I think we may even renew our seasonal passes rather then use the Play 4. Might even splurge and stay at a deluxe hotel for the first time…shhhh dont tell my husband. We will see when the rates are released. It is just a relief to know we have some extra money and can go!!!



If you want to stay at a deluxe,go to AKL. It is generally the least expensive deluxe hotel when the discounts come out.


How awesome!!! I am so happy for you!!! I would stay on the Monorail if you splurge on a deluxe!!! Or try WL!!! Rates for October should be out soon!!!


I really would love to stay at the Poly Resort or the WL. We will see. Worst case scenario…we will stay at a moderate. We loved the POR and may end up there or POFQ.

I called disney today and they said to check back periodically for the rates. In the meantime, I will work on dh to see when we are going to do this.


Yeah I have a Friday off and I have the following Monday off so I gotta 4 day weekend I’m hopin I can spend w/the Mouse. I’ve been checkin for discounts plus I have an AP. I can’t wait!


Horray for you CaraMia!! I love it when unexpected funds are available.