Ready2Go .. 8 days!


and your not bouncing off walls?? you know … everytime someone from DC goes there is that very empty feeling till they get back … when you go though everyone is going to be really nuts because you have become the avatar master of DC!!!
ok that is not the only reason …your fun, kind and well …like the rest of us …you have Disney Issues :slight_smile: in the next 8 days I will be getting more and more excited … why …because I know your going to come back and write on heck of a Trip Report!!!


Hi, my name is Kevin. I have a problem… I like Disney… Kind of a lot…

:wink: :tongue:

What ever shall we do without R2G in our midst??? :noo:


:blush: Very sweet things for you to say.

But I don’t know how to write. :tongue:


Yeah …about your midst GF…I don’t know… were you working outside today are what? :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: JK :wink:

No really I’ll miss you guys while I’m riding SM, TOT, MS, BTMR, TT, Buzz, Tea party, Small world, and POC. And will eating at Chef Mickey’s and CG while watching Wishes. Really I’ll be thinking about ya’ll. :wink:


So are you saying the movie should have been called Gorilla’s of the Midst? :wink:


It would be better than being cought in a gorilla mist that is for sure. :tongue:


if you think for one minute someone of your talents is going to get out of writing a TR …think again!!! and of course pictures.


Sorry I don’t know what your saying because I don’t know how to read either. :tongue:

I will take a lot of pictures. Last year I took about 150 or so. Then had a computer crash and lost most of them. :crying:

And you made me post my devil post 666. I hope you are happy :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


be very careful R2G …you will have a stampede to deal with if we do not get a trip report.


OK :tongue:


NOOOOO!!! Don’t go…I’ll miss you to much :crying: That being said, you should take me with you. I can be your “tour guide barbie” :tongue: Oh well if you must go, …have fun and think of us all here…not being at WDW…on DC missing you terrible…crying and starting threads about how lost we are without you here…sniff…WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ok enough drama. Have a great time. Kiss the mouse for us all. Pictures and notes…pictures and notes…RTG must take pictures and notes!

I stole that quote from a good friend…you know who you are if you read this…lol


Yeah I saw the threads that were started will you were gone. :dry:

That would go over real good with my family.:tongue:

Well if I knew you would go I’d fly and not drive. :wink: :tongue:


What’s is this expecting R2G to write a TR? I want it in AVATARS!!! Animated, of course :tongue:

R2G, did you make Dana’s avatar? It is FANTASTIC!!!


No… that is a real picture of her. :wink:

Shhhhh it is from Bambi.


Oh no! We are really going to miss you! I hope you are going to leave a fresh supply of avatars before you leave! LOL!


So are there any JD avatars you still need? :tongue:


Hmmmm, I just don’t think you are being sincere. :tongue:


I know you will have a GREAT Trip! Just be sure to have enough fun for all of us. :mickey:


Yeah, yeah…rub it in. :pinch:

We’ll miss you anyway! :laugh: