Ready2go's 2006 Trip Report


Really??? And when would that be???


What a great TR.
What a Cool Trip it must have been for you guys.

Thanks for the memories.

Did I mention I’m in a parade in March?


You’re Welcome:smile:

In March…Cool…I did not know that…


Ya know, my dd is 8 now and we never rode the Barnstormer because I thought it was too babyish for her!
Hmmm… We never even walked up to the ride to get a closer look or anything, I just assumed it was one of those baby rollercoasters that you see and town fairs or carnivals.


That’s what Iam saying! :laugh:


Well that stinks on Ice!!! :glare:

I let my dd take pics with my camera on our recent trip
there are always people around offering to take group shots of your family!!


Why do I feel like such an idiot that we didn’t even stop to say hello to one another the day after Thanksgiving? That’s ashame :sad: I would have LOVED to meet you.


R2G…phenomenal photos! You sure do have ‘the eye’. You also have a handsome family.

I like the changes at the Contemporary.

THANKS for sharing your fun times. The TR brought smiles to my face.


Thank you all.:smile:


The night time makes your view even better.


YAY!!! Great TR R2G! Thanks for the photos and for making me giggle!

Yes, she is! So girley, too :happy:


Yes it did. :smile:


Thank you and you’re welcome. :smile:

Yes she is. :smile:


I forgot we did get a small dream while there…we got picked out to go to the front of the Splash Mountain line. At the time the wait was 90 min. and we got to go in the back way. Very cool. :smile:


We still ride it every time we go. It is what got my youngest to ride BTMRR. :smile: And now Space Mountain and EE…next step RRC. :smile:


At this time I would like to point out my countdown is lower than yours.

So - HA.


You never know…I do have an AP now. :tongue:


Are you a member of the Vacation Club, bub? Can you call WDW “Home”? Hmmmm?


Not yet…but wait until the DVC at the Contemporary opens. :smile:

I can and I do. :tongue:


Wow what great pictures… wonderful trip report.