Ready2go's 2006 Trip Report


Thanks. :smile:


Awe…it’s over already?:pinch: Great TR R2…thanks for sharing your trip with us. Looks like a grand time was had by all!:happy:


I loved it R2G! Your TRs always make me so mad that I don’t take the time to notice the small stuff.
Thank you for sharing!


It was …Thanks :smile:


I’m gonna make a trip, one day, and see everything…but I notice new things everytime…guess I’ll just have to keep going and looking. :smile:


There’s nothing wrong with that!:happy:


Heehee, I wonder how long until a certain MBer coughdoughnutcough sees this post and thinks it just may be the BEST dream ever!!!

Very cool for you and the boys :cool:

Even if it was at night and freezing cold, and there were only 2 people were in front of you :wink: :tongue: :ph34r: :wub:


I was thinking the very same thing daisy!:laugh:


I mean…WOW!
I know when I need to go next year!


Haha maybe she already saw it and she has died from shock and awe?
OR…maybe she is headed over to R2G’s house right now…:eek:

Great TR RTG…it was very easy to read!!!:laugh: :laugh: But really it was wonderful and i REALLY want to stay at the Contemp now!


This was an outstanding, fantastic, amazing, lovely, wonderful, best trip report ever! Well, until you write the one about when we have a M & G next November.


Wow awesome trip report my friend.

The Contemporary is an awesome resort. I haven’t stayed there in many many years (like 20) and boy has it changed. I really like the refurb. It’s a must at this point.

I love the pictures, that’s my favorite part of the reports.


Awsome TR!!!


Oh! That’s where the barber shop is~!


Thank you …I can’t wait. :smile:


Thanks :smile:

Thank you :smile:


Yeah…and it is a small place too. :smile:


I looked for that darn barber shop when we were there a month ago and I couldnt find it!!! :confused: :wacko:


Iam forever TRYING to get my dd to ride RRC!!! :frown:
I think I have more of a chance of RRC than TOT though… dd hates drops!!! :eek: You should hear her little “girl scream” on SM!! :laugh: I sit in front of her and come off that ride in tears from laughing so hard!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
DD definately likes BTMRR better, lol!


It’s right down there by City Hall and the Firestation. I know why you didn’t see it, because you were smelling the stuff at the Bakery and were gazing at the castle. That’s why :biggrin: