Ready2go's 2006 Trip Report


Oh, shut up! go-on, Git.


And if you look in the “Car Barn” this is what you will see. :smile:


:laugh: :laugh: Well I did hear about the Magic at Splash! And I was privy to the picture of the “Keep Us Safe Wooden Bunny” as well! Something that I would like to add to R2’s TR is a sweet story from when they were at Epcot…I was driving back to work from lunch listening to Christmas music and kinda feeling a little blue thinking if I would ever get used to the holidays without Mom (ok, it’s been 5 years–but I am sure some of you know what I mean!)…at that precise moment my cell phone rang…well, it was a certain Mr.Go and Entourage calling to tell me that they were saying “Hello” to Mom…they were at the Leave A Legacy area and had found Mom’s tile…seems they all thought it would be nice to give me a call to let me know they were there…now…isn’t that the sweetest? I also rec’d a picture of the tile with all their fingers pointing to it. My glasses started to fog up while I was driving and I had to tell them to “get off the phone with me and go PLAY!”…Just wanted to share this little story with y’all!:wub:


:tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


:happy: :happy: :crying: :happy:


R2G thank you for the incredibly awesome TR!!! U and your family ROCK!

I can only hope to do half as well as you with my TR after this trip


we swore to our daughter that it does not go upsidedown- Oops- :eek: ok so we lied… but she loved it! Perhaps it was her fears after the space mountain incident when we told her that it dumps the passengers while going upsidedown and that is why the cars return empty…


Thanks…I’m sure you’ll do great. :smile:


I thought about doing the same thing but it’s too late…because my oldest already told him.:glare: …Now that was bad…:smile:


Great trip report, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!


Loved the TR! Your boys looked like they were having such a great time!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us :happy:


Thanks :smile:

They did have a great time…we all did…You’re Welcome:smile:


It is a must. :smile:


I can hear you from here. :smile:


I’m just up the road a piece…I figured you could hear that!:laugh:


I have an ear for that sort of thing. :smile:


:cool: True 'dat.:happy:


Yo dude, You still owe the beer pic.


You have an ear for squealing?:huh: :laugh:


I am just going to step away from this thread now…:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: