Ready2go's 2006 Trip Report


I never made it to the Bakery! :blush:
Iam always in another world when Iam at WDW so sometimes we miss the lil things! :wub:


SO are you saying you’re taking me to WDW with you? :smile:Sweeeeeet!!!


My goodness, just LOOK at who is calling the kettle black. Just sayin’.:laugh:


Now Ladies…play nice. :smile:


Suuuure! If your willing to be our personal tour guide! :wink:
Hope you guys like the Poly cuz that’s where we are staying next year! :biggrin:
You need to teach me how to take all those cool shots!!!

and we can conspire to get the 2 young ones on RNC!!! :cool:
my dd just turned “9” yesterday so she has no excuse now that she is a whole year older!:laugh:


Sorry double post.:smile:


Sign me up. :smile:




looks like we will just have to upgrade to the King Kamehameha Suite! :whistling

King Kamehameha Suite


Cool…but I’d be happy sleeping on the floor at WDW. :smile:


As promised here is a link to a video I took, from under the Castle, of the end of Wishes. We had to wait there after eating at CRT on Day 4. Wow it was loud. I took this with my digital still camera so not the best quality but not bad. :smile:
Putfile - Wishes End From Under Castle


Well your no fun!! :tongue:
Ouch! lol


I was just sayin!:happy:


Looks to me, from his TR, that he’s lots of fun!:cool:


Well ok…play nice…lessee…wait, I’ve got it! ahem I can only ASPIRE to being the kind of pirating thread hi-jacker Peppalish is…:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
There. :happy:


I have it on very good authority that he is. Just sayin’.


Oh PUH-leez!:pirate: :happy:


I was gonna say the very same thing.:ph34r:


“I” was just sayin’ :laugh:

oh nevermind, went over everyone’s head… :ph34r:


Over MY head? Not likely:cool: