Ready2go's 2006 Trip Report


You don’t say! :laugh:

yeah but still, I was just sayin’, the floor must hurt! :pinch:

Iam done sayin’, I think I will go now!:ph34r:
before I get myself into some trouble here! :angel:


your mind must be corrupt as mine!! :laugh:



I am now confused:huh: but that is ok…look! something shiny!!!


Something shiny? :huh: Does it sparkle???


That trip report is so cool.:happy: :happy:


Well son…seeing as you are one of the Stars of it…I can see how you feel that way. :smile:


Welcome to MB Crush!!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:

Your dad is a cool guy!:happy:


Thank you he is cool.:cool:


I did not pay him to say that. :smile:


Sure you didn’t! :happy: Somehow I’m just getting around to reading this tonight, but I absolutely love it! R2G, your pictures are amazing!

And welcome to MB Crush!


Thank you :smile:


OMG, you did not take a picture in the bathroom! ROFL, that is one to treasure! I’ve always been afraid that is illegal or something!

But really, the picture of the boys in front of the quote by Walt is priceless. It is just a perfect shot, one to seriously treasure. :wub:

And now I’m off to finish the last few pages!


You’re dad is definately the coolest! You are one lucky kid! Welcome to MB!


:blush: :blush:


OMG, Crush is R2G’s cool son :huh:?
I am thrilled to know that he didn’t just hire kids for the cool WDW pictures. They are real! :biggrin:

ehhhhh, welcome to MB


Why…yes it does!


Well hey there Dude!! Welcome to MB!! Yep, your dad is one cool Cajun as I am sure you are too!:happy:


Hey there Crush! Good to see ya:wink: I’m in agreement with all these other fine MBers…Your dad is the coolest!:cool:
Welcome to MB:mickey:


Dopey…just so you know, I nearly choked when I read this post…must have missed it the first time through this morning…just sayin’:laugh:


Sure ya didn’t…:happy: