Ready2go's 2006 Trip Report


:blush: :blush: :blush:


Come on countdown I Ready2go back. :smile:


Not before we toss the pigskin around next week my friend…:laugh:


Sorry …down here we eat the skin. :smile:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Im Just sayin:happy:


Wow! What pics!!! New paint on the monorail too? Love the one of the boys totally fast asleep!!! I love this TR!!!


Thanks :smile:




R2G… You are going back in Spring AND November? I just realized your countdown was a lot sooner than November but I saw in the “Who’s going…” thread that you will be there the same dates as me in November :biggrin:


I’m going back in May/June for my "Trip of a lifetime”. :smile: We are going to try and go in Nov as well, but I have to let my schedule sort itself out first. :smile:


Yay Now Less that 100 Days for me. :smile:


What is going to make it a Trip of a Lifetime??? :happy:


23 Days in WDW. :smile:


OH, lord… that would do it! haha.


I aspire to that kind of trip! I imagine the TR and pics will be of epic proportions…:laugh:


I’d say that’s a trip of a lifetime too. Wow, need a wife? I can get unhitched really fast, I think:blush:


So would I get all the cookies I want or would that stop once we were hitched?:laugh:


Are you kidding? The cookies don’t ever stop coming. You would have to be my guiney pig. Always trying out new ones. I make a mean cheese straw too:cool:


Oh my gosh!!! 23 days??!! I wonder if somehow during those 23 days, a photo of Mr. Go himself might get slipped in. :wink: :happy: