Ready2go's 2007 Trip Report!


Ok…here we go…I’m gonna try and do this at night LIVE from WDW!!!

But if I go AWOL ya’ll will understand…right??? :smile:

Resort - Contemporary

Dates - 5/19/07 to 6/11/07

Cast - Me, 14yoDS, 8yo DS, 8yo DSB (Disney Step Brother)

Travel day and Day 1.:smile:

Car ready2load


Car Loaded:smile:


On the road…700 long miles to WDW…Well out of Louisiana and into Mississippi.:smile:


And now…into Alabama.:smile:

Report on Love Bugs…not too bad but did have to clean the car when we got to WDW and only had to stop once to clean windsheld.:smile:


OH MY GOSH, that is one PACKED car!! Can you see through the rearview? :laugh:


And into Florida…this is as bad as the smoke got…not bad at all.:smile:


Not at all.:laugh:


It has begun!!! yay
I am baking…


I hope a passenger is taking that photo!! :pinch: haha, NO riew view vision & taking photos while driving. My oh my!! :laugh:

What the heck is next? Arms & legs hanging out of the tram? :tongue:


Well the new 429 toll road and Western Way into WDW it Great!!! Saved about 20 to 30 min. :smile:

And we’re Here!!!:happy: :happy: :happy:



Nope…me.:blush: …We always do that.:smile:


haha, I love a rebellious family! :wub: :laugh: Rules are mearly suggestions.


That is a schnazzy car you have there, bub! …and right next to it is another schnazzy car.:cool:

My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw your trip dates. I am so jealous.:crying: No, no. I am happy for you.:happy: …and jealous, too.:redface:

…did I menation I am jealous…:laugh:


And there she is…Home again.:smile:

Not a bad shot for out the window doing 25MPH.:smile:


haha, how in the WORLD could you know what kind of car that could possibly be? Do you moonlight as an auto dealer? :huh: :laugh: All I know is that hatchback was SUPAH’ DUPAH’ clean until the rearview was blocked! :laugh:


You sound a little jealous AF…or am I just reading you wrong.:wink:


So…are ya’ll Happy to be at WDW.:smile:


I drive a mini van! Everything is schnazzy to me!:laugh: I see black leather interior and I am impressed…plus that thing in the front looked like a TV.

Tell us what is in your garage, Mr. Ready!


You got some intuition man. Unbelievable.

Alicefanaramalama, you can get long vacations too, just sell a whole lot more properties and whamo you’re there.


Ok…Time to check-in.:smile: This way boys.