Ready2go's 2007 Trip Report!


I love taking pictures like you, but how do you get your kids to cooperate? They look like they actually want to be in the pictures.

Do you carry a tripod with you in the parks? I need tips on taking night pictures. Is a tripo the trick?

Oh, BTW, if no one has said this yet, :rolleyes:, you take great pictures!


I’d go for that.:laugh: :smile:


They have learned over the years…if you look back at my 2005 TR you can see they weren’t to happy to be taking pictures.:smile:

No Tripod…just hold really still or use a rail or trash can.:smile:

Thank you:smile:


Can I work for you too?? :laugh: :laugh:

Seriously, though, this TR has been a pure delight. :smile: :flowers:


I hear he’s a tough boss! Of course, I’ve applied for a job too!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


My DW is still looking at the pics from your TR and she has completely exhausted the phrase “Wow! That’s a neat picture.”

I told her that when we go back down ourselves, there is no place original for us to take pics from because you exhausted every creative vantage point.:laugh:


Just wanted to add that I have enjoyed every single pic. Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing them.


Thanks .:smile:


Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!Sorry if someone asked you this already–but I have almost the same camera as you and I just bought a 2GB Memory Card–what setting did you have your camera on?


I keep it on “Superfine” and 3072x2304. :smile:


Thanks for the info. Ready2Go–I can only hope my pictures come out half as nice as yours!!


I’m sure they will…can’t wait to see them.:smile:


Work for yourself! That’s the ticket! :happy:


Just wish it were a winning lottery ticket.:laugh:


Here is a Short video of Leota I took with my still camera.:smile:

Putfile - Leota 2007


And a Video of Walt’s EPCOT model on the TTA.:smile:

Putfile - Walt’s EPCOT model on TTA


Wow, I have never seen that. When we go there’s never any waiting, just running into the building and getting in the doombuggy :blush: Next time, I will make a point of strolling as if standing in line, not running. The things you miss when not waiting to ride :pinch:


Ha Ha… It seems the daily beatings have worked! :laugh: (jk) :blush:


And one more video. This one of Space Mountain with the Lights On from the TTA. :smile:

Putfile - SM Lights on from TTA


I call it “tough love”. :smile: