Ready2go's 2007 Trip Report!


Ummmmmmm…I just found this TR for the first time. :blush:

I have 81 pages to catch up on! :blink: :laugh:


I almost watched this vid but convinced myself that I’d wait for the chance to see it myself. But it’s nice to know that this vid exists just in case.:laugh:


Aw come on…the lights are on…you don’t get to see that every day. :smile:


Wow! Looks scarier with the lights on than when you are on it! :laugh: :laugh: Really cool! Thanks!


:eek: :blink: So that’s what we really do on that ride…


Very cool! :happy:


Space Mountain with the lights on nearly made me wet my pants. :mellow: I’m so not kidding.

And that would have been bad, considering I was working at HISTA that day! :laugh: (Yes, I got to ride SM while I was working - gotta love it! :heart:)


It would have been really bad for your fellow cast members!:blink: :pinch: :laugh:


Sorry about that.:laugh:


So true:pinch:


We managed to catch SM with the lights on while on the TTA a couple of years ago. It was really neat to see.


I was really surprised by how high it was.:smile:


Great pictures and report!!! The boys look great, they all kept their smiles right up until the end!!!

Just wondering, do you plan before hand which park you’ll be at each day?? Or did you play it by ear? I would LOVE to plan for that many days!!


I would LOVE to plan that trip too…so much to do…so many place you can eat…wow. It would take me months to get that planned…sounds like heaven.


Thank you :smile:

Not really…we park hop a lot…ha ha I made a rhyme.:laugh:


:smile: New TR coming soon!!! :smile:

And Happy 9th Birthday to my Son John (aka Crush):smile:


Hope he has a truly Happy Birthday!!!

I know, take him to WDW! :laugh:


:mickey:Happy Birthday Crush!!!:mickey:


Is that what we are supposed to receive for a birthday present? :ohmy: :cool:


I know if someone gave me a trip to WDW for MY birthday, I’d Snoopydance. :laugh:

Happy Birthday, Crush!