Ready2go's 2007 Trip Report!


Well it is to Disneyland…so does that still get the Snoopydance?


Yes yes yes. Definite Snoopage. :happy:


woohooooo another Disney trip.

Happy Birthday Crush :wub:




YAY!!! 1 day:smile:


You’ll love the Grand, have you stayed there before? I want to go again!


Have fun!


First time in the Grand…stayed in Disneyland Hotel the time before.:smile:


I know :cool: Have a great time!


Yes ma’am …we will.:smile: Thanks:smile:


:mickey: Happy Birthday Crush!!! :mickey: :cool: :happy:

R2G- have fun in DL! Will we be getting another “live” TR? :biggrin: :happy:

Have fun EVERYONE!!! :happy: :happy: :cool:


Sorry no computer coming with us this time, but I did get an extra 2gig memory card for my camera.:smile:


Can you adopt me please?..I need a vacation.:laugh:


Get the paperwork in order.:wink:


YAY!!!:happy: :happy: :happy: So are ginormous Mickey an d Minne making the trip with you?:cool:


Happy Birthday Crush!!!

R2 my birthday is Friday can I come too…

Hav fun in Disneyland.


Nope…they are staying home and enjoying the quite.:smile:


Sure…everyone is welcome at Disney.:smile:


Have a wonderful time, y’all. Looking forward to more snazzy pics! :cool:


Will do:smile:


HEY! :angry:

Is that countdown for departure or eta? :blink:

If it is your leaving for Disneyland, six hours fifty eight minutes means that you will either leave the Bayou at 5:00 a.m. your time… :pinch:

If it is your estimated time of arrival, you will be in Disneyland at 3:00 a.m. :eek:

Which is it? :confused:

Have fun at Disneyland regardless!