Ready2go's 2007 Trip Report!


Doesn’t take much. :smile:


Ain’t that the truth?:laugh:


Look back at the tr and you will see that we saw a few meals twice.:blow::blow::blow:


You didn’t seem to mind will we were there Son.:closedeye


Yes ma’am. :smile:




[QUOTE=Ready2Go;675840]And there she is…Home again.:smile:

Not a bad shot for out the window doing 25MPH.:smile:[/QUOTE]

Staying at the Contemporary for the first time since 2007 this December. Yay!!!


Wait a minute… Crush is 15??? TIME FLIES!!!


It sure does.

But he will always be my baby boy…even if he has gotten taller than me.:ohmy:


Looking forward to hearing details of the plans, and then of course, a full trip report!


Will do. Coming soon…,


Need to make a trip soon


You have NOT been since 2014 R2G??? You must go, but if you can wait about a year and a half, there are a TON of new changes coming to the Studios. A new Toy Story Land, and a new Star Wars Land. Great Movie Ride is gone. Big changes coming to Epcot also.


hope to go back soon.