Ready2Go's 2011 Disney World Trip Report!


Well friends…it has been awhile. Work and things can get in the way ya know.:smile:

Here’s the low down …

When: 11/19/2011 - 11/29/2011

Where: Walt Disney World Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Who: Me, Peppertink my DW, “The Big Goof” is my 19yo DS, “Crush” is my 13yo DS

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Well we’re off…gonna stay the night at the boys Great Grand Parents home in Grand Bay Alabama…165 miles down 535 to go.

Wake Up boys!!! No the dog can’t come to Disney with us.:closedeye


WOOHOO!! An R2G TR! Bring on the photographic goodness. :cool:


We’ll see…maybe a few good shots…maybe:happy:


Okay…after getting up at 3:30am :huh:we have a good, if you can say that, 500 plus mile drive to Walt Disney World!!!:smile:

We’re here!!!

Beds look comfy. :smile:


“A few”? :blink: “Maybe”? :blink::blink:

You are a paragon of modesty, sir. :laugh:


Cool Mickey waiting for us. :smile:


What!!! we have angry birds in our room. :smile:


View from room 1. :smile:


Room View 2. :smile:


Room View 3. :smile: A little zoom used.


Off to the Magic Kingdom.:smile:

By the by some pictures where taken with the new iPhone. This is one. :smile:


Guess what boys??? You’re getting hair cuts. :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Hair cuts at Disney…cool, :smile:


Yes!!! magic sprinkles. :smile:

For a 19yo he was a very good sport.


Much better. :smile:

More Later. :smile:


Lovely! Nice to see those smiling faces again! :smile:


A quick shot of the Train Station then on down main street. :smile:

Phone pic.


The People Mover is scary!:laugh:


Awwww…his fav.:heart: