Really Cool Idea for inexpensive souviners


I get a message board update from because they have more posts than I can keep up with and I can’t follow the threads. So I just get the condensed versions. Anyway there was a really cool idea on there that I had never heard of before or thought of.

Here it is:

This may be something that has been mentioned before I’m new but here goes anyway… we have those art kits the kind where you order blank sheets then have your kids do artwork etc on them then you mail them in and they make it into a plastic plate… I decided to take sheets with us to the Character meals that way we can get all
the autographs send it in and for $3.95 (plus shipping) we have an awesome autograph plate I have no idea if I can post the web site to buy these “makits” its not my web site or anything but I bet anyone who wants to figure it out can!

Editor’s Note: Go to

I went there and they have really COOL stuff. Plus they are having a special now that if you buy a product they have called “snap it” you get one of the make it kits for FREE.

So go check it out. My kids will eat off of those plates every day if we do this.


that is awsome …and I see you can get photos made in to plates too. OOO this just might be a great idea for me to get Dixie’s DH a special Birthday gift next month!!

thanks for the link!!


Awesome!!! I think that is a great idea. What a great momento of our WDW trip. Going to the website now!!!



Waht a cool site! Thaks for posting it. I culd make some really cool gifts for Aunts and teachers with that idea. Thaks again for posting it! :flowers:


Thanks, that is one cool sight!!!

I have to try this out! :flowers:


Thanks for sharing this great idea and great site! There are some neat ideas on there that would make nice gifts, and the prices are very affordable.


Awesome idea thanks!!!


Thanks for the information! I just ordered the tray kit. We are taking the kit on our cruise next week to have all the characters sign and make a unique keepsake upon our return.


How great! Thank you (and, thank you Editor for posting the link)!


We use this company all the time at school for special “parent presents”.
They are reliable and the products are nice.


This is a cool idea! I think i’ll get some sutpgraphs and make a plate for my niece.Thanks!