REALLY disappointing MGM news!


I don’t think we’ve talked about this on DC since I’ve been a member but one of the “secret gems” in MGM, in my opinion, is the hidden “Evil Tower U R Doomed” message that had “fallen” in the display board before you enter the pre-show room in ToT. EVERY trip I’ve LOVED looking for this and showing whomever I was with. I thought it was such a COOL hidden message. Many people know about it and apparantly it’s been there since ToT opened.

WELL, aparantly, accourding to and they CHANGED THE MESSAGE, it’s now says the generic ToT tagline “never the same twice.” UGH.

Some of the dedicated ToT CMs have apparantly started a petition that the public is permitted to sign to bring the “hidden message” back.

The news just saddened me b/c I HATE to see those little details disappear!!! And that was TRUELY a FAVORITE of mine!!!

This is the best picture I could find of the hidden message, I guess it’s hard to capture b/c it’s behind flat glass and at the bottom of the “display board”


I signed. That is extremely lame and stupid of them.


Done deal! I signed too. Good catch Wish.


Wow, thanks for the info!

I also signed.


I don’t blame you Wish for being upset about this. It’s little details like this that CM’s and Imagineers put in that make different attractions and pavillions so interesting.

I’m not sure the reason behind this change, but I can’t help but think that it was decided that it was too “forboding” or “dark”, which would really be a shame.


Okay… I normally go with the crowd… but help me understand why it’s a bad thing that they changed the message? I mean there is still a hidden message… Right? Won’t it be fun to go back time and time again to see if they have changed the message??

Not trying to be disruptive, just trying to understand…


I also don’t see the big deal either,but then I am not a ToT fan.


I never even knew that was there!!
How cool was that!


ROFL! I wasn’t going to say it, but I didn’t know it was there either. So I guess since I didn’t see the original, I won’t miss it…?


I never knew about that! I will this time for sure and see what it says !!


All news to me–of course, I can’t find any of these “alleged” Hidden Mickey’s either.


As long as they don’t take out the “hidden mickey” in the library, which actually there’s 2 of them if you count the one the little girl holds in the video. Check out the sheet music on one of the cabinets.


I never knew it either! I will have to look for the hidden messages next time we are there.


I signed, thanks for the heads up.


Actually, I’ve heard some conflicting stories on this. Some people have seen it both ways in the past couple of weeks. Like changed…then changed back…then changed again.
I think they’re having some fun.


thats so lame! why on earth would they change something like that…pooh bum!


I was there last Sunday and I always check the ToT message. It said “Evil Tower”…they took off the “U are doomed”. Don’t know if it’s changed again. Guess I’ll just have to go back and check!!!


I’m gonna sign for you wish even though I have always been too chicken to ride the ride!!!


If they changed it to another “creepy” message I wouldn’t have been upset. Seeing that hidden message just adds to the excitement and anticipation of the ride and fits in with the mysterious atmosphere. It is, after all, in association with the “Twilight Zone” so I don’t necassarily think weird spooky things like that are out of place. “Never the same twice,” which is an official tagline… ugh. To me, that is just lame.

I would be all for the message changing if ever time I went I got to see things like…
“that elevator is doomed”
“unexplainable things happen here”

I don’t know, weird things like that, etc…


GRRRrr. I learned about the message and planned to do the ‘I’m so cool dad’ dance when we got there. I hardly want to show off a comercial message.

I’ll look as lame as kippage always tells me I am.