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I feel silly asking, but what is ADR?

I am taking my family to WDW 11/28-12/4. We have added the dining plan. How far out can I make reservations at the various restaurants. From what I am reading here, I should make the reservations asap. We will have 6 people at our sit down meals for I know we will be lost with reservations.

Please educate me…



ADR-Advanced dining reservation. I would suggest if possible that you make your reservation. Your trip is far enough out that you’ll be OK. Unlike me, I am leaving in 2 weeks and getting reservations is next to impossible.

Regular sit downs - no cost
Character sit downs - I believe you have to pay some amount up front


ADR’s can be made 180 days ahead for Disney Resort guests. Check out allearsnet/dining - they have a FAQ page which should answer every question that you have. ADR’s don’t usually require a credit card hold, but there are a couple of places that do. Off the top of my head I believe that the dinner shows (Hoop Dee Doo, the Luau, etc.) and Cinderella’s Royal Table are some that might require a credit card and 24 hours cancellation notice to avoid a charge, but you will find that out on allearsnet. We haven’t run across a character meal that requires a deposit, but it always pays to check - things change frequently at Disney!! Have fun choosing your meals!


is that new? 180 days? Or is that for regular reservations… I am more concerned with CRT and Whoop Dee Doo



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This link will help you with other abbreviations that you may run in to. By the way, great question. :happy:


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You can determine your call date by going here:

Just enter your check-in date, and it’ll tell you when you can call to make your reservations.


Hoop Dee Do takes reservations a year out- but apparently will go to 180 days in 2007, according to the PS Calculator.

CRT is 180 on the dot.


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Actually,anyone can make reservations 180 days out. Resort guests,however,when they give their reservation number,will be able to make all reservations for an up to 10 day trip. CRT and the dinner shows require full payment up front,but I’m not sure of the cancellation policy.


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Not a dumb question, sometimes I even have to think about it or even "cheat’ using the link above.

Where are you guys staying?


Not a dumb question at all! And Mickaholic is right…ALL WDW guests can make their ADRs 180 days out. (yes, even those who stay off-site! :wink: )

Have you thought about where you want to eat yet?



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