Really Dumb Question


I know I keep asking and asking and the DCer’s just answer and answer… you guys are great…
Here is my newest really dumb questions…
Do I need to bring beach towels with me for the pool and waterparks. Someone told me I should, then someone said to leave them home. I like to take at least one towel with me to the parks too.



It’s been a while since I’ve been to one of the water parks, but iirc they do provide them. However, I’m not sure how big they are. If you have a big beach towel that you really like, I don’t think there’s any harm in bringing it.

As I recall, the bigger issue was finding a lounge chair.


Its purely a matter of preference. The towels you recieve from Disney will be far from the nice thick fluffy kind you may have at home. Choose your poison.


If you are staying at a Disney Resort, towels are provided at the pool.

At TL or BB, you should bring your own. You can rent a towel there but why?


Maybe I should pack two or three…


For the waterparks, yes!

Also, there are some wet attractions at the parks so a towel there would be good also.


We always bring our own (for the hotel pool and water parks)…but I’m sure everyone has their preferences.


We use the pool towels, no room to pack our own when we fly. When we go to a water park we grab a couple of pool towels at our resort on our way to the bus. The resort pool towels are the same towels you can rent at the water parks, basically a bath towel size.


Okay, I have made up my mind… I am not packing 6… one for each and two for me while I nap at TL - I burn really easy


We always bring our own, bath size towels don’t cut it for us.


We always bring our own too, for the water parks and pool. Nice big beach towels are better than the resort towels, which are the same size as the towels in the rooms.


Oh, so that was you carrying a towel around MK? Were you reading The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? :tongue:


There is only the two of us but we take our own.


I just shake reall hard - like a dog. OR I’ll pick up one from someone’s chair and use it.

No big deal.


So you took our towel at BB!! We took and set 3 out and one was missing when we returned to our chairs at lunch!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: So you use it and put it back but do you also have some of our missing towels? :laugh: :laugh:


I don’t mind spending the $ on vacation for towels, and I did it last year only because we were away so long and I was trying to cut down on the amount of luggage I bring. At the pool, I don’t mind using the resort towels, but for a water park I prefer to have my own and not take the time to stand in line for renting.


Cavey… don’t laught but that is one of Nikki’s favorite books, she read it in 4th grade. The reason I have to carry a towel with me in the parks is that one of my daughters have a glandular problem and sweats


Mom!I wanna bring the Minnie towel!PLEASE???


Nikki, Minnie is really old. We might have to BUY you a new one…