Really funny Evil Queen Video


My daughter (now 26) use to be the quintessential Disney Princess fan—all things Disney but especially the Princesses and those associated with her—but no Villains!! (The worse Villain for her was Cruella I think!!!)

I am sharing this video because if given the opportunity, my daughter would have been the one to ask the question that “Amelia” did of the Evil Queen at Disneyland!! :laugh:

This is just really cute.

Evil Queen throws shade at Snow White at Disneyland in video

The Evil Queen CM was awesome!


That was adorable. I love the Queen!


…some CMs are just better characters than others…this Evil Queen was one of the best characters I think I have ever seen at a Disney Park!! I think Snow White and Cinderella were even caught off guard!! :happy:


What an awesome Queen!!!


That was amazing, I want to meet the queen, she is pretty close to perfect!


I love that type of interaction. I had a cool interaction with the mad hatter and Alice in 1900 park fare over a box of tea. :cool:


My oldest DD would have loved that! She’s all about the villains! Never wasted a glance at the princesses. Ursula was her favourite.


She is my favorite villan. So classy.


Wow I guess that is why she is the queen ! ! !


That was adorable