REALLY getting worried about airfare


Alright, I know it’s still early for me but I’ve been tracking the fares for our Spring Break '09 Disney cruise since the rates were released and I am getting a little panicked. :pinch: It’s showing at just under $500 per person if we leave Thursday April 9th in the evening, and departing Orlando on the 18th. We have to leave later on the 18th because we have to allow time to get off the boat and back to MCO. If we were able to leave first thing in the morning it would take $150 off the price but that’s impossible cause we’ll be departing the boat.

Oh gosh, I hate to even SAY this but there is NO way I can afford to pay nearly $1,000 just to FLY to Orlando! :eek: There is just NO WAY, this Spring Break cruise is already costing an arm & a leg because well… it’s Spring Break & considered a “holiday cruise.” If we SERIOUSLY can’t find airfare at $300 or less I may have to considering cancelling the cruise. $1,000 to fly from Newark to Orlando is just ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! :glare:

Do you think the rates would drop after summer? I just don’t see any foreseeable ‘drops’ in airfares coming up. I mean my gosh, if the airlines are ‘supposedly’ struggling b/c of fuel prices I DOUBT they will drop the airfares significantly enough to make a big difference for customers wallets.

If I have to cancel our first Disney Cruise I think I’ll be devastated. :sad:


Drive to Orando at those rates…it’s cheaper to drive.


I’m a teacher and unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of taking the day off before our holiday breaks to allow extra time to drive. It REALLY stinks. We’d get in big trouble for taking off the day before or after a holiday break. :sad: Plus, I’d have to pay somewhere to store the car for 7 days near Port Canaveral while we’re on the cruise, etc. UGH. :glare:

I may have to look into that.We just really don’t have the spare days to get down there though. :sad:


It stinks at even think of canceling a vacation you have your heart set on, but one plus is that you still have 10 months to go so if you really think you may need to cancel why not wait until the last possible moment to do so?? Who knows maybe airfare will go down by then.

I feel your pain though, I booked for December last week, paid $249 per person (there’s 4 of us) and it killed me, I know that’s not a bad price but I’ve never paid more than $179 roundtrip from Detroit to Orlando. And today I found out that not only is the airline charging for checked luggage, but now they’re charging for seat assignments. When will this madness end???


I know, it is a totally sad reality that for the first time I may have to cancel a vacation because airfare may be too high. I’ve never paid more than $275. for Newark to Orlando and that was Thanksgiving week so I thought $275. was HIGH.

I wish I could contact some airfare specialist and see their opinion. I was always under the impression that airfares are released at the LOWEST rate and just continue to rise. Is this correct, 'cause if so, I am REALLY in trouble. :sad:

I think the ABSOLUTE most I will consider paying is $350. :glare: per adult. I’m even annoyed at THAT prospect, but we’re in touble because it’s $500 right now. :sad:


And I always thought the further out (earlier) you booked the cheaper the fare…I guess that just aint the rule anymore.:blink:


If you had an understanding principal you would be ok! I say this because I am a principal. Good luck!


I would totally not be worried, yet. :flowers: You will be fine. Bite your tongue and don’t even THINK about cancelling that cruise at this point. You have until 75 days out to pay in full and you will know airfare by then. I think it is still too early to see any good pricing.


No they come down . . . I fly back in forth 6x a year to NJ and I always play the fare game for Thanksgiving weekend . . . just check daily . . . ALSO, if you drive you can park for FREE . . . well I was told that when I looked into the cruise. I said I was driving up from Palm Beach and she said OH, well we have a lot that you can park in while you are on the boat! She NEVER mentioned a fee . . . besides with the cost of gas $4.10/gallon here . . . it’s not much cheaper to drive!


This might be a silly idea but can you fly into somewhere else cheaper? Like Jacksonville or Tampa and rent a car and drive to the cruise?
But I am certain airfare will come down…it cost about 1000 to fly to Australia right now so paying that much to Orlando is obscene!


When does the cruise leave? I know Amtrak is $452 for 2 people rt from nyc.


DOIH! I wasn’t thinking wishy…my bad. That does stink. Keep watching the fares…they are known for running their best sales on the holidays…watch on 4th of july and labor day…it should drop lower. My rates were outrageous when I first booked this trip, but patience paid off and I caught a sale. Sign up for the airlines emails etc and any club they have…that usually gets you something. I signed up for spirits $9 club and it got me access to a great rate…I cancelled the club the next day:laugh:


Daytona . . . you can fly into there might be cheaper!

Even PBI . . . heck I don’t need an excuse to go to WDW . . . we can drive ya up!! I got the mini van with the table and sat tv . . . it would be like going in a limo!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


last year we booked really early,and our outbound flight was changed 4 times and our inbound flightwas changed twice ,that was on aa ,this fall I booked swa and the best part is swa still allows changes nad full refund if plans change So I would advise SWA ,I have been a lifelong AA person but the last 4-5 years have used them only sparingly …if SWA gives you those options then the others should give someting similiar…also I just put my flights for next spring on a hold but planning this far in advance ,I am sure that they will change several times but with the way things are going I have NO choice good luck ,but once again use SWA if at all possible


Don’t stress yet, Wishy! I am sure airfare will fluctuate between now and then - you have plenty of time!

I can’t believe the way airfare is these days…it’s absolutely ridiculous.

I know you will be able to figure something out before the time comes; airfare will definitely fluctuate between now and then. Just keep your eyes peeled - and definitely check other Florida airports to see if you can work something out for a lot cheaper! :happy:

Good luck hun, I KNOW it will work out! You will get that Disney Cruise!! :heart:


Thank you for the words of encouragement. :smile: I am going to try & check back as often as possible, especially around holidays to see if the fares drop, like Dana said. I just DO NOT see how they are going to fill the planes, like the companies WANT to do, to Florida on Spring Break… with those prices!

We’ll come up with SOMETHING… I hope. [sigh] I think it’s just becoming a BIGGER reality that perhaps we won’t be able to take as many trips per year as we’ve become ridiculously accustomed too because of airfare. We got SO used to saying, “Hey, you wanna go to WDW in a couple months… I saw cheap airfare!” That was always the tipping point that would make Daniel say “Sure, can’t refuse cheap airfare!” :laugh: I hope those days aren’t over :sad:!!!

Thank you for the words of encouragement everyone, maybe Stitch will let me borrow that wacky teleporter or something! :tongue:


hehe, my principal would TOTALLy understand… it’s really our superintendant who’s REALLY strict about the “day before & after a holiday” thing. He’ll send out these “nasty grams” we call them & I guess he really keeps track of these things. I work in a REALLY TINY district so you feel like you can’t get away with anything. :laugh: Versus when I worked in Palm Beach County, I was just a number amongst thousands. :pinch:

Oh, I guess I should have mentioned that I have to take two days off in October AFTER a holiday 'cause we’ll be in WDW. :pinch: :laugh: haha, I kinda left that part out. So obviously I don’t want to push it with Spring Break.


Dont worry yet I am sure the prices will come down after summer


Wish, I have found that airfare drops on Fridays - it used to be the middle of the week but it has changed


I’m just glad I live close enough to drive!