Really Hating The New WDW Website Park Calendars!


The latest website redesign leaves an awful lot to be desired. It’s a pain to navigate and you often can’t get there from here like you used to be able to.:confused: The worst is, or at least seems to be, the elimination of the older grid calendars for park hours. It makes planning much harder for me.:mad: And when you do get a detailed park calendar, there’s far too much information.:angry:


Boy I agree! I didn’t realize it had changed so much until you said this—and I went online to see for myself. I used to be able to put in specific dates to pop up the parks calendars all on one page. I liked how you could find out not only hours but closed attractions all on the same page. uggg :mad:


I just hate the speed…it is slow. Once you book your trip I like the “MyDisneyExperience”…that part is great but once again SLOW…I think I might be able to make ADR quicker by calling than online at times.


It has ALWAYS been quicker for me to book or cancel an ADR over the phone. That might sound crazy to some, but by the time I get onto the MDE site on my phone, in WDW, at 4G, I can be talking to a CM and getting the ressie completed. And I have a new Droid. It’s not the phone causing the delay. It’s the site. We can only hope that someday Disney will admit their site is horrible.


I agree the new website is sooooo slow. I always use the direct calling to make my adrs, I will take the 15 minute wait if need be.


Plus there is music to lift your mood if you’re placed on hold.


So of course I had to go look at the calendar.

WOW, that’s stupid.


I made a reservation for Flying Fish a couple weeks ago on line. They’d already shifted to the new version of the website and I zoomed through that part. I don’t know that I want to really bother trying to use my smartphone for any more than wait times once I’m in WDW. Especially for making dining reservations. It’s just too easy to go to your lobby concierge or to any park guest services (inc DTD) and be done quickly.



The site itself is terrible and I just looked at the calendar for November hours (they are out…all 30 days) but they have nothing past November 1st.

Really?!!!? :confused:


It’s sad, when I started in IT ( 30 years ago ), it was all about speed and coding efficiency. We would spend days figuring out the very best algorithm to accomplish a computation. We would spend weeks getting the user interface to be as smooth as silk.

With the advent of the internet it seems to now be ok for a site to be slow as molasses. Even the systems at my office are insanely slow, but when I complain I am told response times are “within specifications”. My question is always who’s specs!

I know the world is better because of the internet, but man people just have to speak up more about what they expect. It is one of the reasons I like this site, it is relatively quick and simple to navigate!

[set soapbox = Off]



The problem is that with the new and neat screens the coding with Java and equivalent languages are slow compare to the older languages like cobol, CICS, These languages don’t give you the pretty screens but they are alot faster and can use the data bases alot easier.


I know I remember when we moved from C to C++ I saw the potential for abuse there and it has just gotten worse over the years. Ease of development is almost always followed by decreases in performance.

At least so says I :pirate:



…you guys lost me on this…:laugh::laugh: I get a C+ for being able to turn my computer on I guess----

All I know is that they changed the Disneyworld.go website and it’s more difficult now…change is not always good!! :closedeye


Pam and I have seen a slower response time to anything on the My DIsney Experience site this trip. And I’m refering to speeds while actually in the parks. Not impressed. Seems the more options they activate the slower the dang site runs.