Really odd DVC question


Has anyone ever had two rooms booked at the same time? My DH and I are staying at BCV (mostly) this dec. We have a room at BLT booked for a few days for another family member. If they can’t come, could we keep one night for DH and I, even though we are at BCV? It is sort of tempting to be able to walk home from MK one night, take in the views, etc. At first thought, it would be a waste of points, buuuuuuuut now it seems like maybe I should think about this some more.


You could keep the nights that you want at each resort and cancel the ones that you don’t need, can’t you?


There is a time frame where you can cancel a reservation and not lose your points. When I get home I will look it up unless someone else here beats me to it


I guess I didn’t make myself clear. We have a room from Dec 8 thru the 17 at the BCV. Can we also have a room under our name for one night, say the night of the Dec 10 at BLT? Not to move everything, just a few things. That way we don’t have to pack and unpack. Once again I know we would be wasting points, but I’m afraid by the time we get to stay at BLT the rules will change concerning TOW. I thought at one time, BWV had something like that, but it quickly disappeared as a DVC thing.


JoJo…you can definitely do that!


Thanks, now I just have to get DH to agreed.


Sorry- didn’t understand at first. Why not?? I’d hate to have to check out, check in, check out, and move stuff each time. If you’re not too tight on points, I say go for it.


Well, if it was allowed we’d probably just take a back pack with a few things to BLT and leave everything else still at BCV. I’d still be AT BCV, just not coming home that night and staying at BLT.

One of my worries of not staying at BLT, was I couldn’t get into TOW. DVCMIKE said, a DVC member staying at BLT (DD) could bring up guests. So maybe I’ll forget the plan altogether.

As far as points, we mostly bought DVC thinking of our adult kids, they could use the points yrs to come, …BUT… until we decided to can no longer get to disney, the points are MINE,MINE,MINE. We are doing the "buy an AP, do two trips, skip a yr "plan. So we’ll give the kids points for a Sun to Thur stay in a value season x 2 trips x 2 kids = approximately 260 points. During that 2yr span, we’d get 600 points, so that leave 340 for us to plan trips. Skip a yr, bank points, start again. But if we need some extra points, we win, they lose …(insert sinister laugh) :laugh: