Reasons for staying on site


I was just wondering why people choose to stay on site. Our main reasons sre being able to split up going back and forth to the room and not using a car. How about you?


I have so many.

I like the Disney magic 24/7
I like not having to drive my car where I might not know where I’m going
I like being able to take a break in the afternoon
I like the fact the resorts are themed, it’s so much more fun than a regular hotel

I’m sure I have more reasons but I can’t think of any more right now.


So many reasons!

The atmosphere. Just knowing that when you leave the parks, you don’t leave the magic.

The convenience. You don’t need a car. Your party can split up.

The perks. Early mornings and late nights.

No nasty surprises. You know that your room, whether you stay at a value or the GF is going to be spotlessly clean. And the themeing will be perfect.

  1. 24 hour magic
  2. Free transportation to and from the parks…I have no desire to drive
  3. quick access from the parks for breaks
  4. did I mention the 24 hour magic? lol


With teenagers, I feel they are ‘safe’ when they go off on their won.


no car
no hassle with parking and easy bus transport
feeling like your special for being a disney guest- music piped everywhere you go!


All the above reasons! But mainly the transportation, if you have been there as many times as we have and know the system, one can move around WDW fairly quickly. Joe


I love the Disney resort hotels, and am now ruined when I am forced to stay in any other hotel!

Free transporation and extra magic hours is enough of a reason, though!


You all give such great reasons. I agree about the disney magic. It’s almost like there is a line…disney magic…no disney magic. I know when we leave it’s almost like “oh yeah, there is another world out there”.


All of the reasons given are the same as my own, but I also like that I can shop around Disney and they send all of my purchases back to my resort. Love that perk!!!


I was going to make this a poll but I’m glad I didn’t. (actually I tried, but messed up, Thankyou DisneyTeacher for showing me the way) I didn’t think of all these reasons. I forgot all about the package thing.


I have only stayed on-site on TWO of my fourteen trips. Although I L:heart: VE L:heart: VE L:heart: VE my timeshare, I REALLY love the magic of the Disney resorts. We stay on-site in December!!! YAY!!! :cool:


We love being able to hop on the monorail right from our resort! (The Poly!!)
And being able to see the castle while swimming in the pool is pretty neat as well!:happy:


Pretty much the same thing here. I’ve stayed onsite once and it was wonderful.

  1. Disney 24/7 - you’d be surprised how you will feel staying onsite
  2. Extra Magic Hours
  3. Easy access to your room from the monorail or bus

I LOVED staying onsite. :wub:


Three main reasons:






I like to be immersed in Disney. Totally.



Has anyone mentioned the Dinning Plan? You can only get if you stay on site!!! And I love it!


We park our car and never touch it again for ONE WHOLE WEEK. That’s DH’s favorite thing. The Disney magic, that’s mine. The dining plan (especially when it’s FREE!) is another awesome perk. Like someone else said, I like not leaving property so that I can completely forget about that “other world” out there…it’s our escape.


Three words for you…Disney Vacation Club.

Best of both worlds. I sold all of the other weeks I owned after I bought DVC.

Stayed offsite twice and just didn’t like it as well. NEVER again. The whole “Welcome Home” thing is corney but I like the sound of it!!! :biggrin:


24 hours of Magic!
Disney treats you like your a princess! (or a Prince)!
Disney does all the driving!
24 hours of Magic!