Received Pin# in Email today


Received a Pin# from WDW for 40% off Deluxe Resort rooms. We are booked for May and this covers May. I have contacted my travel agent to see if I will be able to use this as we did get a good deal on the Contemporary.


thats awesome!! hope everything works out!


I keep my fingers crossed that a pin number reaches my email someday soon. You got a good one! :happy:


Hmmm. There are a lot of these “I got a PIN code” threads cropping up this week… what I want to know is where is my pin code???


I want a PIN email!


I received one on 15th I wonder if thats the same one ?:confused:


I completely agree, where is mine? I have never gotten one.


That is EXCELLENT!! My fingers are crossed for you!

Also I have never gotten a pincode, so sad…They know theyd on’t need to send me a pin because I just keep coming back, lol! Maybe its like Justice, they say the more you give them your info the more coupons they send…So


Your pin code, is sitting with my pin code in la,la land!:laugh::laugh:

Does anyone know if you can use a pin after you have already booked threw AAA??


Got a 25/35/40 code today. Go figure. Don’t need it since it only runs through June and the DVC points for our 4-9 March will expire if not used before 30 March. Oh well.
Now a nice September or October code would be nice.


We want a Pin - We want a Pin - We want a Pin !!!

— everyone LOUDER … :laugh:


I received a pin this morning via e-mail! 30%/35%/40% off resorts.
BUT of course it’s not for the times I need.
The offer ends on the 12th of June, we leave on the 17th:pinch:


That’s a deal offered on the Disney website so what do you need the pin code for?


I got this PIN also. I think the dates are more numerous with the PIN than just the 30-35-40 they are offering without it. I know the general offer on the street would not have covered our proposed dates (oct 22-29) but the PIN code allows us to discount those dates…looks like club level might be for us again this time around…WOOHOO!