Received this in my email yesterday Dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant


Dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Bonjour ,

Now for a limited time, you may be able to participate in a test for lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Step inside the Beast’s enchanted castle and experience a meal unlike any before. You can select an arrival window and pre-order meals for your entire party* before arriving at Be Our Guest Restaurant and on the day of your lunch, with your MagicBand**, you’ll be able to breeze by the line, confirm and pay for your order.
To begin, follow the steps below:

Log on to using your account.
Enter your Resort Reservation Number to begin: 
Select an arrival window and pre-order your meal
(arrival windows are subject to capacity and availability).

Don’t forget to wear your MagicBand when you arrive at Be Our Guest Restaurant during your arrival window, and please enter the Disney FastPass+ entrance at the beginning of the bridge. No matter where you dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant your food will be magically delivered to you! Bon appétit!

I did this and I have a fastpass+ for lunch durning my september trip does not show on fastpass list but is connected to your hotel reservation

*Offer is nontransferable, is only valid for those Guests listed on the Disney Resort hotel reservation, and is not for sale.

**Guests who (1) choose not to wear a MagicBand, (2) wear a MagicBand but choose to pay with cash or meal vouchers or (3) need to make modifications to their order will be directed to the order room to proceed. One quick-service meal entitlement will be redeemed for Guests with dining plan packages.

Valid park admission is required to enter Magic Kingdom® Park. Cannot accept early or late arrivals. Valid only on the date and time as noted on the Be Our Guest website and valid only for the duration of your Disney Resort hotel stay. This offer is valid for lunch only. Arrival windows are subject to capacity and availability. Operation hours of the restaurant are subject to closures and change without notice. Not valid for any admission to any Theme Park.


If it doesn’t work with your hotel reservation number- your magic band reservation number works… just an fyi from my experience.


I’ve always used my email address and password for the My Disney Experience account, and works totally fine. Landed a spot for my September trip.


We booked a lunch Fastpass for our July trip and it worked perfectly. It didn’t show up on our MDE app and I couldn’t view it on the BoG website but all was well when we showed up at our FP time. You also don’t need to have received the email to book a fastpass, just go to the website and put your information in.


I just looked for the “heck of it” and there are still lunch spaces available during our week next week. I am surprised! :slight_smile: We aren’t taking advantage of this because we are having dinner there one night but it seems like a good system for a busy place.


I thought it worked really well. There’s no way I would wait 30-60 minutes in a hot line to eat there so it was nice to get to try it w/o the line. I was surprised my husband really like the restaurant. I thought he would be one and done, happy to have tried it but not in a hurry to return. However, he was impressed and said he would happily return if it was always that easy.


I’m curious. I just sign in with my MDE account e-mail and password and it goes straight to “select” or “view” your FP for Be our Guest. You mentioned having to put in reservation or magic band number, but mine has never requested that. Now I have a friend who says its asking for a number, but nothing works. Any other suggestions on what numbers to use, and why I’m not required to put a number in but others are.


Has she tried her resort reservation number? If her reservation number has letters in it it wont work. If that’s her problem she can get her reservation number in her MDE app or on her yellow Magical Express luggage tags.