Recieved a PIN


We just received a PIN for 4 nights/5 days free CS that is good from now until August 14th…Last day to book would be April 30th… So we missed out on that by 2 stinking weeks!!! We’ve already booked, and while I’m going to try and change my holiday dates so I can take advantage, I’m not going to count on it!! :pinch:

So I imagine if any more deals for later dates, they won’t be out until after the 30th cut off date… Seems like they are focusing on the immediate booking right now… I played around, all the ADR’s would still work for me at various times during the summer, so I’m starting to wonder if booking wise it’s been very quiet for WDW…


How lucky! Hopefully you will be able to use the pin! Either way, have a great vacation, take lots of pics, and bring them back and share them!!! Can’t wait to read all about it.