Recommend a limo service


Who is good and inexpensive for service? Quick Silver quoted me at $35 for a Towncar so I figured they wouldn’t be high for a limo but I haven’t priced that yet. Anyone else I should get a quote from? I decided to do this for our anniversary evening…from CBR to V&A’s.


Quicksilver is good people. Stick with them.


We’ve used Quick Silver, Happy Limo, and Star Limo (I believe that was its name). My favorite was Quick Silver. All were reliable and on time, but Quick Silver’s vehicles were very clean and the drivers were very personable.


My vote goes to Quicksilver. They are fanstastic and can be flexible with your changes. If the plane is late, they’ll adjust. It’s my town car service of choice


I have only used QS but I had priced a bunch of others so that I could prove to the rest of my group that they were the most affordable choice. in comparison they are just about the same cost and there is something for the way you are treated when Gregory knows you are booking through here… not that membership has privledges but it does have in house treatment.


We have tried a few of the different services, but settled a few years ago on QS. They are great, their rates are reasonable, they are always on time and they are a sponsor of MB.


Don’t forget: QS also includes a free 30 min grocery stop.


I know you want a romantic ride, and quicksilver is probably best.

I was getting a kick out of this thread, since DH and I have been married so long that we’d probably wimp out and take the bus and then the monorail to our luxurious anniversary dinner! LOL!!!


Has anyone mentioned Quick Silver? We highly recommend them.


LOL Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep that one in mind along with all the others.:happy:

I actually priced Happy Limo and Quicksilver for the 8 passenger limo and Happy Limo is cheaper for one way and Quicksilver is cheaper for round trip. I think I’m going to go ahead and do the roundtrip and just give an estimate of a pickup time going back to CBR. Originally I wanted to just do one way and take Disney transportation back to the resort since I don’t know when we’ll be ready to leave the Contemporary (drinks & Wishes). But, since everyone says they’re great with flexibility I’ll take advantage of that!