Recommend a restaurant for next Sunday night please


We are staying at AKL next Sunday and Monday night. Sunday night we will be meeting my parents for dinner. We are considering making reservations for dinner but just dont where. We thought about staying at AKL but aren’t really intrigued by the type of food they have. I wanted to try Whispering Canyon but my parents won’t be into it. Especially the noise level.

Any suggestions or recommendations? How is Kona Cafe??? Let me hear of your fav places to eat…



Look at menus at All Ears and see what looks good to you.
All the favorite places people will suggest are going to be all the same places people always recommend anyway. Then consider how you’re getting to the restaurant and how you’re getting back to your own resort or are you doing a park? After you narrow down those two factors, you should have a choice.


I think California Grill at the Contemp would be nice, or maybe something on the Boardwalk?


How about Kona in the Polynesian? They have pretty typical “American” food with some creative choices and I have heard nothing but good things about them lately.


If you haven’t been to Boma at Animal Kindgom Lodge I would recommend it. There is sooooo much food. I think almost anyone can find something they like there. I highly recommend the potato salad and pasta salad. The meats are very good there and the desserts are awesome.

If you do not want to try Boma what about Artist Point or Cali Grill!


I was going to suggest Boma too, they have something for all tastes, and I can vouch for that as both DD and Dh can sometimes be hard to cater for but love Boma’s.


If they don’t like noise levels - and I sympathize, I’m the same - I’d suggest Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge. Beautiful setting, good food, good service and QUIET.