Recommendations around MK


We had plannned to have dinner at 'Ohana on our last night at DW. Since it seems 'Ohana will be undergoing a refurb, which other place do you recommend? We will have dinner at Whispering Canyon earlier in the week and although we love Cali Grill we will have three children ages 3,5, and 7 with us, so we are not planning to dine there. Our thoughts are Liberty Tree, Kona, or Tony’s. I love CP breakfast but I am not thrilled about dinner there. So, what do you recommned?


Have you ever tried The Plaza Restaurant? Is not 'Ohana but we like it for a lighter meal.


Tonys is good, but you can’t have a drink with dinner since it’s inside MK. Kona Cafe is AWESOME too.


I say do Khona, but you could also do the Grand Floridian Cafe’.
The lobby of the GF is great in the early evening when the orchestra is playing.


I LOVE Liberty Tree Tavern.


My vote is for Kona. We tried it for the first time about 5 years ago and have been back almost every trip since. On our last trip in March, we had one of the best meals we’ve had there. My dad said his steak was better than steak he had had at Morton’s at home just a few weeks earlier. The service there is almost always fantastic as well. And you still get to enjoy the great Poly atmosphere.


Since you asked…I’d recommend that you drop off the kids at It’s A Small World - they can put them to work. :whistling

Kona at Poly might be a good choice. While it’s not Ohana similar food but without the coconut races.


If you really wanted to try Cali but without the kids they could go hang out at the Neverland Club at the Poly for a few hours since they’ve changed the min age to 3 now.
Don’t forget about 1900 Park Fare at GF. Good character meal with great interaction.


Another vote for Liberty Tree. We did it last year before the Halloween party and loved it so much we are doing it again this year before the MNSSHP. The food was just so hearty and had a Grandma’s cooking feel to it. We went in not expecting much but came out very happy.

We were floored by the mashed potatoes. Delicious!


Don’t forget about Narcoossee’s and Citricos at the GF. Narc’s is a little more family freindly, Citrico’s a little quieter. Both have outstanding menu options. We try to do Narc’s every trip.


Have you thought about the Grand Floridian Cafe? Very nice, at least for breakfast and lunch


Out of your three, I’d go with Kona Cafe.


We’ve had a love/hate relationship with Liberty Tree, our first was awesome then our second time wasn’t the greatest but the food has always been good.
I would try for Tony’s, i’ve heard it’s good. We’ve wanted to try because my mom loves lady&tramp but we’ve never got a ressie.


Reading Little Hawley’s post and the suggestion to go with Tony’s, I can’t help but recall the time we ate there and how I can’t shake the impression that “this is some really nasty spaghetti”. And if you’re an Italian restaurant that can’t make decent spaghetti, that puts you in the same class as the guy who lost the recipe for ice.
But that’s just me.


I have tried Kona, Tony’s and LTT and enjoyed all three. The best to me is Kona, then LTT with Tony’s coming in last. I do wish that LTT would bring back the characters.


I was trying to consider a restaurant in the MK area for my upcoming trip, and decided to try something new. We decided on the Grand Floridian Cafe.


We have now trown Artist Point in to the running also. We are on the deluxe dining plan so we have plenty a meal credits to use. I have never tried any of the restaurants at GF. I like the idea of not having to leave the park for Liberty Tree but I’m not sure what to do, so keep the suggestions coming. It looks like Kona is in the lead.


My vote goes to Kona…it’s fabulous!


With kids that age I’d try Chef Mickey’s, Hoop-de-do review, Backyard BBQ, Trails End Restaurant, 1900 Park Fare, Aloha show, Pizza Planet, Cosmic Rays, El Pirata, Sunshine Seasons, Germany- Sommerfest, Norway, Mexico, Back Lot Express, Sci-fi Dine Inn, 50’s Prime Time and Tusker House to name the ones we had fun with the kids.


We are having breakfast at Chef Mickeys, dinner at Hoop Dee Doo, and breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. We are looking for a table service meal near the Magic Kingdom since 'Ohana will not be available then. And I have to say I will never go back to San Angel again. Worst meal in Disney history!