:blink:Hey, I was wondering:blush:if anyone could tell me where to go to do my countdown. I have never done the countdown before and I need some help!:huh:

Thanks alot! :cool:

:donald:So excited about going WDW Thanksgiving Week!


Go to your User CP and on the left side find Edit Options. Scroll down toward the bottom of that page and you’ll find the countdown. I think you have to have 100 posts to do it so you’re not far away! Good luck!


You’ve been here long enough, but you don’t have enough posts. Once you get to 100 posts, the countdown should work like smee described :smile:


So get going! You’re only 8 shy of the number needed.


Thanks you guys!


You’re welcome. Now post seven more times and you’ll be able to do your countdown. :happy:


Hi donaldschick, Tell us a little bit about yourself. Married/single, any children? I see you’re going the week before me. Where are you staying? Is this your first trip to WDW or have you been many times? See, divide these questions up to 2 or 3 posts and you’re on your way to a trip countdown. :laugh:


You are so nosey today :tongue:


:wub:I am 30 yrs old and single, We always go to WDW as a family, I have a niece 7yrs old and a nephew who is 18 months. I have been to WDW almost every year ever since I was born. My first WDW trip was when I was 6 months old, I don’t remember it at all, but mother says I was there, so I believer her. We didn’t start staying inside WDW until about 5 years ago. After staying @ inside @ one of the resorts my dad was hooked for life!:laugh: We have stayed Caribbean Beach Resort, Port Orleans Riverside, and Port Orleans French Quarter. In November, we are staying @ Saratoga Springs! I am so Excited about it! Here’s a little more about myself, I work in the Emergency Dept. @ Anmed Health in Anderson, SC. I am going back to school in August to recieve my Bachelor’s in Public Service, my major will be in Human Relations. I love my job in the ER, most of all the action and impact in the ER is the best! :laugh::wub::blink::huh::heart:


You gotta love the ED. Sharon has been a ER nurse for almost 18 years now, and I for almost 8. I work in a Level I trauma center, and it is never a dull moment!


:blush:We are not a level 1 Trauma Center yet, but as of Jan. 2009 we will be. It’s an awesome job! I have been working in the ED for 3 years!


Busted.:blush:But look what we learned. And thanks to me, donaldschick only has 2 more post to go.:laugh:


Nice to know you donadschick. Sounds like you’re a very busy young lady. Good for you. I just noticed that you’ve been around here since 04. Not only will you get your countdown, but we’ll be seeing you in chit chat too. Nice things happen there. See you soon.:happy:


Good grief I’m hurt! She didn’t even mention that she is MY SISTER!!!


:blink:What exactly happens in Chit Chat?:huh:


:blush:I am so sorry about that, yes will be gone is my sister, I totally forgot about her! Sorry DSIS!:wub:


totally forgot, eh? :wink:


:angry:Ok I have reached my 100 hundred post and it is still not letting me do my count! Are you sure its not 101 posts! Help!:huh:


It might take a little time to adjust.
Did you click that little button that says "Enable the countdownUse this option to turn the countdown timer ON or OFF in your signature.
On Off "


Chit Chat is where we, well, chat. About everything. Sometimes about nothing. You’ll find it under Mouscellaneous. Join us!

Okay, the comment from willgegone made me laugh. I’m sure she won’t let you forget again! :laugh: