Red Lion or Candy Cane Inn?


We are still trying to figure out exactly what to do for April break, and one of our choices is Disneyland.

We are trying to find the lowest cost trip. (Other choice would be WDW (we have WDW annual passes that are still valid, but no more DVC points, so we would have to pay out of pocket for our room). (another choice would be a cruise out of NY city - so that we wouldn’t have to pay the VERY high airfares).

The most probable option is just staying home and cleaning out the attic (because all of these trips are just way to expensive, and I’m not sure the expense would be warranted if the crowd levels are going to be very high).

Anyway, I’m doing lots of number crunching and I’m trying to find the best good neighbor hotel option if we go to Disneyland. (I’ve priced the Disney properties, and it’s over $4300 for the 10 nights - NOT IN THE BUDGET…).

Have you ever stayed at Red Lion or Cany Cane Inn? I found pretty good deals at both of these places, and I read very good and very bad reviews for both. I think the Howard Johnson looks pretty good too (the pool play area looks awesome, but it is SOLD OUT).

For us, this is what is most important, in the order of importance:

  1. Cleanliness (No bed bugs please!!!)
  2. Pool area (it would be nice to have a great pool for DS6)
  3. Distance to Disneyland

Please let me know your experience, and if you have any other recommendations, I would love to hear it.



For me, it would be the Candy Cane Inn. that’s where we use to stay when visiting DL.
I don’t know how it is today, but back then it was charming with a pool and continental breakfast which you could eat by the pool. It was very nice indeed.


Candy Cane Inn looked adorable when we visited Disneyland in 2005. We stayed next door at the Dessert Palms. I recommend reading the reviews on sites like Expedia. They’re usually pretty thorough.


I stayed at Park Vue and really like it, though it got some bad reviews, we had no problems. We could watch the fireworks from the balconey on the 2nd floor, they had a washer/dryer(always a plus) the continental breakfast was good, and we were right across the street from Disneyland and plenty of restuarants within walking distance. My brother stayed at Candy Cane and liked it.


Thank you for your responses! Very helpful!! I keep going back and forth between the 2, and I am going to look into the park vue and dessert palms as well.


We stayed at the CCI last April and LOVED it!!! It was such a short walk to DL and the rooms were so quaint (plantation shudders on the windows), clean and so comfy (beds super comfy)! We would definately stay there again. We didn’t use the pool, but it looked nice. Free continental breakfast was a nice perk too. I had a hard time deciding on a Good Neighbor Hotel too and many sites highly recommend Howard Johnsons. In the end, after all my research :blink:, I settled for the CCI and was very glad I did.


I have found that if you go to, you can bid on the high end hotels (Hilton, Hyatt, Marriot) for less than $50.00 a night. Unless you are absolutely fixated on “walking” to the park, trolleys do show up for the nicer hotels down the street.


DD and I stayed at the Candy Cane Inn when we were there in '08 and enjoyed it very much. The room was always clean, the beds very comfy, the complimentary mini-fridge a terrific plus, and the hotel’s proximity to the park made it easy to go back and forth as we chose. The continental breakfast had more options than many other places I’ve stayed have offered, and the pool area, while small, was well-kept. I would very happily stay here again.


I’d choose the Candy Cane Inn over Red Lion IMO.


CCI has been where we stayed on both trips to DL…would highly recommend it on all accounts you are looking for.


Based on the reviews I have read and that it’s only about 5-10 minutes away from DP I would say Candy Cane Inn. Overall I think CCI had better reviews than RL. A great website for reviews of hotels and other stuff check out Reviews of Hotels, Flights and Vacation Rentals - TripAdvisor