Red phonebooth number?


what was the number to the red phone booth in the uk? i forget it. i have a buddy down there now i want to suprize! :mickey:


(407) 827-9861
(407) 827-9862
(407) 827-9863

The bottom number is the one I used that worked.

What would be funny is have him standing near by. Call and have whoever answers, ask them to yell out his name.


yes that would be awsome! gonna try


If that works it will be incredible!!! Please let us know what happens.


“Hello, your are on the air with is Zorba the Psychotic and we’re doing a show. Would you like to help us out? Great, thanks.”

“We picked a phone number in Florida randomly. As a demonstration of my amazing powers, I’d like to ask you a few questions.”

“I’m seeing what looks like a golf ball and a lake. No, it’s not a golf ball, it’s too big there are buildings. Oh, I see now…are you in Disneyworld at Epcot?”

“Now I’m smelling something. Smells like fish. Sir, did you use deodorant today? No, wait…it’s fish and chips. Are you in the England country in EPCOT?”

“Isn’t that absolutely amazing? One more question, are you wearing a green shirt with SMITH FAMILY 2010 VACATION trip and is there someone sitting on a bench looking at you on a cell phone?” :laugh:


Maybe I should ring the phone box when I am there, and put on my best Princess Di accent!


I didn’t realize that the phone actually worked anymore.