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We are splitting our stay between Kidani and Beach Club. If we get mugs at AKL, can we use at Beach Club? I know we can’t use for repeat visits but was wondering what the rule was for the same vacation.


Oh boy the great mug debate. As I think most will say the rule is technicaly you are only to use the mug for the one hotel for that length of the stay at the first hotel. But I would ask Disney when you get there the most they can say is no. But as all of us have seen there is a lot of people that do it and many that bring there mugs back over and over.


I would think that they would let you do that, but I would ask first… It is not like you are on a truly separate vacation…


I think you’re fine using the mugs at both resorts. It’s the same trip, it’s not like you’re trying to reuse a mug from another trip.


I’m a rule follower so I will ask!!


It says on the mug for the “length of your stay” so I think you will be OK.


Oh no!!!

It’s a mug thread!!!

You could loophole your way to free drinks that way, but when they say length of stay, they mean from the day you check in until the day you check out of the resort you originally acquired the mug.
The moment you check out and move to the second resort, your length of stay is over and you’re now on a second stay.

Look, we know what the rules are and we’ve discussed them ad nauseum.
Do what you’re going to do. You’ll either get caught, or you won’t.
If you get caught and spanked, don’t come crying to me.


Its still in the lenth of stay you should be fine. Last year we were staying at ASMU and a family had mugs from the old Dixie’s landing. Thats a little much.


I am a TOTAL rule follower and I get fired up about rule breaking… LOL!
BUT, I really think this is an exception to the mug debate.
If you are staying on property during your stay at WDW resorts, I feel it is ok to keep using the mug.You could ask but I am sure they will say yes.
Same vacation? Use the mug.


I really don’t see any problem with this as it really is the same stay you have just chosen to visit 2 different resorts.

I actually have an interesting story from our trip in March. We got refillable mugs for the first time ever in all of our stays at WDW because they came with our QSDP. The cast member rattled off all these rules about them and it almost seemed like she was never going to stop talking, but in the very end she slipped in “and go ahead and bring them on your next trip if you have one planned because as long as the design hasn’t changed they will still be good.” My jaw dropped and I totally questioned this. She basically said no one will stop and no one really through out WDW cares if you do this. I kind of got the impression they are actually trained not to stop these people with super old mugs and the rules are just there because they had to put up something. Now I have always been a total rule follower, but this totally threw me for a loop. She seemed like a pretty knowledgable CM too and now I have no idea where I stand in the great mug debate. Honestly though, we didn’t really use them, so it really is not a big issue with us on what we will do in the future.


People, you are creating a false excuse out of whole cloth.
Length of stay is a very strictly defined concept in the hotel industry!
Length of stay is only from the time you check into any one hotel and the time you check out OF THAT HOTEL ONLY.
You know full well that Disney does not allow single reservations to span two resorts. Each resort stay is its own reservation and that reservation is your length of stay.
So, you check into the AKL for 4 days and buy your mug. You check out and then check into Beach and expect to use your mug from AKL. You length of stay as far as that mug is concerned is ONLY to be used at AKL and not Beach. If you were on a deluxe or QS dining plan at only AKL, you would only get one mug. However, IF you are also on a QS or deluxe dining plan at the Beach, you would actually get a second mug FOR THAT LENGTH OF STAY, however, because you already have a mug from AKL, in this case and this type of case only, can you use your AKL mug (which looks exactly the same as your Beach mug) and save the unused mug as a gift or for use at home.
Those are the rules. If you want to break them, as I always say, go ahead, but when you get caught, don’t come crying to me. In practice, I have never seen anyone challenged so long as they had a mug that looked right.
The whole thing is actually moot to me because I rarely drink soda and when I do I prefer Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke, neither of which is available. I make my own coffee in the room (though I do liberate cream and sugar) and in general find taking a mug full of coffee with me in the morning leaves me carrying a mug I don’t need until I can return to my room.


I tell you guys what, I am a rule follower too, but I follow the rules that are imposed on me at that moment. Disney is FULL of exceptions, so the smart thing to do is ASK. I am willing to bet 38 cents they say “Sure, you can use it here too”.

I could run down a list of exceptions to the printed rules that we have been confronted with on our trips. Take what they write with a grain of salt and just ask.


I just posted this in the “new mugs” thread and felt it’s just as relevant in this thread:

And of course this leads to the great mug debate.
With the same design in use “worldwide”, there is no way to tell if you got the mug there, or even when. The blue and white “Celebration” mugs were in use for at least 2 and a half years before they switched to the red “Celebrate” mugs last year. In many ways, I don’t expect the mugs to change until next year. This is a bottom line issue. Inventory and costs are reduced by doing away with the resort specific mugs and use the same design everywhere. Someone had to do the math and decide that even with reuse abuse, standard mugs are much more cost effective and slippage from reuse amounts to 2 or 3 cents on the dollar, and that that was an acceptable loss, just so long as the majority of guests continue to follow the rules.


I think they will you use it


Under the sercumstances, I would have to say that it would be exceptable to continue to use the mugs. If you were leaving DW and staying off grounds not so much. I mean if you stay 4 night at one resort you pay the same for the mug as if you stayed 7 nights. If the cost of the mug was based on the length of your stay that would be different. Since a 4 night stay would make the cost less than a 7 night stay. but since it is the same price no matter how long you stay, and you are continuing the same vacation on Disney grounds I dont see the big deal.


“Refills available at no additional charge at Resort Beverage Islands located in the resort that this mug was purchased through the end of your stay.“

When does your end of stay at the hotel you bought the mug at occur?
The day you check out of THAT hotel.
There is no room for any fancy interpretation such as, “I’m still in WDW but at a different hotel so it’s the same stay because this is the same vacation.” or “I paid thousands of dollars for this vacation so I’m going to get my money’s worth out of my $14 mug.”
But I guess we all pick and choose the rules we will or won’t obey.

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[QUOTE=zoey9797;1030155]I am a TOTAL rule follower and I get fired up about rule breaking… LOL!
BUT, I really think this is an exception to the mug debate.
If you are staying on property during your stay at WDW resorts, I feel it is ok to keep using the mug.You could ask but I am sure they will say yes.
Same vacation? Use the mug.[/QUOTE]

BINGO! Use the mug…


Beverages that are refilled with the mug cost Disney pennies. I can’t see how they’re going to make a big deal out of something like that…seriously, they’re making big money from us anyway. I agree with not using mugs from previous vacations, but same trip with a different resort…I can’t see how Disney is going to make an issue out of that…they’re not going to make a big issue over an $11 mug.


Let’s keep the tone kind of happy please. I come here because everyone is friendly. I just felt like I stepped into a certain other chat board for a moment! :eek:

My response to your comment is that I would venture to say that most people do not split their stay between resorts at WDW so the quote above would apply to most guests. But, this is a fairly unique situation. I don’t think the poster is trying to scam a few bucks. I think it was an honest question.

Personally, I think it would be ridiculous to buy two identical mugs in a 7 day span. Come to think of it… then I would have two to use at home! :happy:
I still say ask and I am sure it will be ok. I wouldn’t think twice.


and over and over and over and over…:blush: