Refillable Mugs at All Stars?


Does anyone know what the current refillable mugs looks like the All Stars? For once, All Ears was not very descriptive.


I think there are a few pics here: Refillable Mugs


Do you know how recent those pictures are?


Honestly, no. But I’m still on the search for more pics. :wink:


Do they even change the design ever?


I don’t know. We still have our mugs from before and we don’t really drink a lot so we wanted to bring our mugs for this trip coming up. (I know this is a moral arguement…we’ll save that for another time.)


See my sig,Tyffni!!


Lol. This will only be our second time staying on property, so I don’t feel as bad as if I’ve been a gazillion times. I’ve always stayed off-property so I could go more often.


I still have my mug from when I stayed at the All-Stars in 2000. I bring it occasionally with me when I stay on-site.


Those were the mugs used at the AS when I went a month and a half ago. I doubt they’ve changed since then. We used our old ASMu mugs though!