Refillable mugs coming to an end


Just came across an article on discussing Disney using a new system for refillable mugs.

Disney Patent Application Lays Groundwork for End of Refillable Mugs at WDW Resorts
Today a finger scan facilitates your entry into one of the Disney theme parks, but in the age of tomorrow, it may help to quench your thirst. So suggests a new patent application from Disney which describes a ‘Self-Service Beverage and Snack Dispensing Using Identity-Based Access Control’ system.

Calling out shortcomings in existing systems such as customers being able to obtain unlimited refills from self-serve beverage dispensers (as Walt Disney World has introduced to a limited number of counter service dining locations) to potential concerns with the Refillable Mugs currently available for purchase at the Walt Disney World Resorts (such as losing the mug, toting the mug back and forth and cleanliness issues), the proposed system allows for either unlimited or controlled refills with any cup/vessel using token-based authentication.

For example, a guest at the Contemporary Resort may be able to purchase the unlimited refill package and simply authenticate to the refill station using their Key to the World card. Using RFID with read/write capabilities, the system could also potentially record and limit the number of times a drink is refilled by a particular guest. Of course the existing system is already open to exploitation by guests who bring back the mugs across several trips or even use their own unofficial beverage containers, so the proposed system really appears to close the existing loopholes more than serve the health needs of the Resort’s guests.

On the flip side, the patent application also calls for a snack vending machine that can use the same sort of token-based authentication to serve up its products. So for example, the vending machine down the hall from your hotel room could potentially be configured to accept the Disney Dining Plan in addition to dollar bills and coins.




So sad about the mugs, as I cherish mine every day while I use them at home. But…such a better idea to get people not to steal. Shame on those people who forced Disney to take away our mugs.


Blame it on the Brazilians :laugh:


It may not be the end of the mugs. Perhaps you will/can buy them for x amount like any other mug or glass disney sells and also purchase a drink package.

But I wouldn’t mind not having to carry a mug around all day.


They’ve been saying they are going to use this system for years, I’ve yet to see it! Instead they switched to the same mug all year long? I’ll believe it when I see it.


This was discussed and tested about four years ago when I was working at Port. I wonder if it will actually happen this time? It would be nice to be able to self-serve fill!


I am sad to say that I have to agree with you on this one…I will have to see it first to believe they are going to do it. This system will cost FARRR more than any amount of soda a repeat mugger can cost them by cheating the system.


Agreed. Specifically because Disney does not pay Coke a DIME for fountain soda. They get it free for making Coke products exclusive on WDW property. They do pay for bottled sodas though.


Has disney set a date for this to happen? Im having trouble finding the article refered to. Hopefully its after my stay in October lol as Ive been buying and collecting the mugs since my first trip and would like another.


Wow, so in an effort to stop the abuse of purchased, refillable mugs, Disney will leave a “go-green” system for an expensive system that would result in the use of paper/plastic/styrofoam throw-aways then??? :nonono2:

Hmmmm… :crying:


Welcome back!! Your little guys are SO Big!! :heart:

Well, we in turn pay $2.50 a bottle so we “give back” for sure! :smile:

Without stirring the pot, if Disney was THAT concerned they’d be switching those mugs monthly or would have stuck with the different resort mugs OR discontinue the program all together. It’s still stealing, if you bring your own mug or reuse an old one, (You wouldn’t do it at 7 Eleven without getting arrested) but Disney is the one turning the “blind eye” on this one. IMHO any product loss is their own if they are not going to monitor it better.


I love my mugs from all our trips! I enjoy using them all year long at home with memeories of our past trips. I’m not sure if I read this correctly- would the new program allow us to purchase the mugs at our resort as always, plus let us use them in the parks? that would be nice:smile:


no comment, but how are they going to handle the original that said lifetime …unlimited refills if you buy the mug …just asking …here we go…


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;1040194]Welcome back!! Your little guys are SO Big!! :heart:


Thanks! Happy to be back! I FINALLY got internet at our house. I was lurking from my cellphone for a long time but its so annoying to post from there.


The article only states
Disney Patent Application Lays Groundwork for End of Refillable Mugs at WDW Resorts

I’m no expert, but I do believe patents are made just so no one else can use the idea. This idea might be in use 10 years down the road.


Yeah, that whole finger scan works so well at the gates. :laugh:

Of course I understand that Disney is loosing big bucks. Like soda cost anything! (We put in a sports concession stand about 10 yeara ago. Fountain drinks sold for $1 and our cost was less that $0.15 and MOST of that was the Pepsi cup!)

A few people abuse the system I know - I’ve seen some REALLY old mugs being used.


I think we should have to donate DNA and then, using a retinal scan and the FBI fingerprint data base for authentication purposes, insert a micro chip under the skin behind your left ear. WDW can track the crowds and find missing or intoxicated and lost guests.


Are you really considereing giving the Mickey Police an advantage if you attempt another fountain swim?


But then you couldn’t sleep in the bushes overnight anymore.:laugh:


I’ll believe it when I see it.