Refillable mugs on the ship?


Does the DCL offer refillable mugs on the Magic? The other night since there was nothing on TV I re-watched the disney cruise show that was on the travel channel which I had DVR’d and I noticed that there was a few people on the Wonder that has these mugs and I didnt know if they still had them, offered them on both ships, and/or if they stopped selling them. Thanks!


They do sell mugs on the ship, I don’t remember how much they are but they are mostly just souvenirs (or being green). The beverage station on Deck 9 has cups that you can use.


No need for a refillable mug per se. Up on the pool deck they have free soda fountains. You just walk up grab a cup and fill it with soda of your choice.


You dont have to buy the cups - they will give you soda. But we liked to have the cup to keep coffee in when we walked around the boat in the am- I collect them.


I collect the mugs also so that was 1 reason why I wanted one, plus Im guessing that these mugs are bigger then the mugs or cups that will give you on the ship, and I must have a HUGH cup of coffee in the am too…