Refillable Resort Mugs


I may have dreamed this, but did I read somewhere that all the resort mugs are now the same and work at any resort?


I think that’s correct. They all have that Year of a million dreams logo on them now


I was in WDW in may and they were the same in all the resorts


I really miss collecting those resort-specific mugs. Sniff!!! We used them year-round for our coffee! They fit so nicely in our cup holders!


Will they ever come back out with just that resort?


I was there in May 2007 at CSR and I didn’t see any new mugs. Maybe they came out later in the month?


That’s how they still were when I was there in Aug. it’s prob more cost effective to just print 'em by the 1000s . . . and then the savings can be passed to us!! (yeah right!) :ph34r: :laugh:


they are all the same across the boards now- the new ones are for each year and not resort. It will make the older mug reuse no longer available. Now all the mugs will be the same but with that year on it


They are all the same and have the year printed on them.


Yes that is correct! They now have a mug that says Year of a million dream! they are blue and white.


Well, I was looking forward to a new resort mug this trip. But that’s okay. So this means that if we go ‘resort-seeing’ we can take or mugs and fill them up when we want, regardless of what resort we are in.


Ah, yes they are all the same now (I say this as I am drinking my tea out of my mug from my trip in August!) I also didn’t see any of the stockier looking mugs on my last trip, only the taller, skinnier ones that fit in your car cupholder. Does anyone have a YOMD mug in the shorter style or are they not making those anymore either?


We have not seen the stockier ones the whole week we have been here. Just the taller thinner ones.


Karen - the stockier ones were not available at all in August…I think they have done away with them completely. I liked them better…figures.


No prob, Dana… I just found a ton of creepy old used 2007 mugs on eBay! :blow: :laugh:


:blow: that’s nice…:blow:


I like the mugs that are contoured and fit nicely in your car cup holder. I think we got one from Wilderness Lodge one year like that. We didn’t even bother with getting one on our last trip. I didn’t even notice what they looked like.


we did notice that coronado springs still had the old style for sale (noticed mainly because they were bigger than the new style that we purchased at pop)! I like that it is perfect for my coffee, and fits in my car nicely…but for that price, i wish it was bigger for when i was at WDW! seemed kinda chinsy to me - it was so hot, there were times i barely made it back to my room before i wanted a refill! i’d prefer it to be a bit larger, personally.


When I was there in August, Pop still had a few of their resort specific mugs but most of the mugs were the Million Year of Dreams kind


We were collecting them from each resort we stayed at so now we have to get them on eBay… sigh…