Refilling mug at fort wilderness


I’m completely drawing a blank. Anyone recall if there is a refill spot by trails end to go?

Last trip we had gotten a take out meal from trails end to go and brought it back to our room. But if weather is nice, we could eat it right outside there. But I’d rather refill a mug, rather buy soda. If not, I think it’s back to the room again.


This won’t answer your question but it will be the real test…

Refillable mugs can be uses over and over.

(NO they really can’t. And weren’t SUPPOSED to have ever been more than current trip, but BOY did this cause some lively discussions here in busier times!!!)


Those were the days, my friend, we’d thought they’d never end… :crying::crying:


Yeah, you know when even a refillable mug statement doesn’t draw any response…

If only I could upload a photo of Boss in his tutu. THAT would be the real test - if THAT didn’t start hundreds of responses then roll up the sidewalk.


Well, if that doesn’t work…try a picture of Boss without the tutu…:noo::noo::noo::noo::blow::blow::blow::blow: