So, is it true? Refrigerators in rooms at All Star resorts? Awesome if that is true. Will be there at the Sports in about 7 day! WHOOPIE!


I know they have put them in Pop Century and were starting to put them in the All Stars. I am not sure how far they got to be honest.


They are in Pop Dana? That is great. This will our 1st time back there since 2005 and in any of the values since we did DVC


Hopefully they will be there in time for your trip. Good luck.


Yes, they are already installed at Pop from what my sources say. I just don’t know how far they got with them. I think Movies was next. I’ll dig around a bit today and see if I can get more information and report back.


Thank you!


They have them now. Another agent verified it for me today. She just got back from WDW.


Awesome news! That will be a big help for us!:mickey:


Just got back yesterday from All Star Sports and yes, refridgerator was in the room. Awesome.


Perfect! Thank you for reporting back:heart:


Was it hard to find??? I know that sounds silly, but my brother insisted there wasn’t a fridge at all star movies until I told him to check if it was in a cabinet or something.

We stay at DVCs now, but I remember the days of going to the ice machine twice a day to refill our little cooler to keep a few things cold. Glad those days are over for everybody.