Refrigerator Charge at Pop!


Does anyone know what the refrigerator charge is at the Pop Century?




$10 a day was the latest price I saw for value resorts.


it used to be 10:00 per day unless it was for medication then it was free. . not sure now. a couple years ago i had requested one for my diabetic injection by the time we got there i had switched back to pills I told them at check in but they left it there and never charged us. it was a small one …


Thanks guys!



Just so you know, it probably won’t be there until you check in. At least that’s what I was told. We ordered one for medication. Got to Pop around 10:30pm at night. When we got in the room, no fridge. Called, waited another 45 minutes, called again. Was told they don’t put fridges in the room until guest shows. Ended up putting DS insulin on ice because exhausted, and was over an hour of waiting.


i am trying to book pop for next weekend:) just waiting while i try to convice dh to pay for it lol! maybe we’ll run into each other


19.00 per day and its very small


Oh my Eileen, I don’t know why you paid that much. I was just there last weekend at Pop and it was to be $10 a day but because my sister needed it for medical purposes for my niece it was free. I know that was already mentioned.


We also paid $10/night & it was worth every penny!! With 3 kids, we would stash snacks, juice, yogurt & some milk~ it was great for late-night snacks & having a quick breakfast on days we didn’t want to waste time slowing down for a sit-down breakfast.


Weird? I was at All Star Movies this weekend, and my slip says $15/day for a fridge? :laugh:


Peak weekend charge maybe?
Good thing I’ve got injectables that need to be refrigerated.


Good thing I’ve got injectables that need to be refrigerated.[/QUOTE]

Ditto … The Wife is diabetic and we need her insulin refrigerated as well.


Not that I enjoy sticking myself with a needle twice a week. I’m just glad I’ve got a loophole for a freebie.


Consider yourself lucky at only twice a week. I have that dubious pleasure 4 times per day :pinch: Oh well.



I finally ordered my fridge for Thursday and it is $10 per day.