Refrigerator Size


This might seem like a dumb question, but here goes. I have a mega milk drinking family. We are staying at the CBR and I am planning on ordering some groceries from Garden Grocer. Can the refrigerators in the rooms hold a whole gallon of milk or do I have to order in half gallons?

Thanks! By the way can I say I am so revvvvvved! We are in single digits!!!



I’m pretty sure you can fit a whole gallon, provided you aren’t stocking up on much else. You may have to move or take out a shelf in the fridge for height reasons, but I think you’d be OK.


If it is the same frig we got, you can get 1 maybe 2 gallons of milk in it, and then it will be full. These are not full size refrigerator. I have one here at work and I use it to keep milk for cereal.


Thanks! I am going to have to buy OJ too, and I wasn’t sure of the space.

Appreciate it.



I think you will be best off with half gallons if you are getting the OJ too.


Thanks, Dana! My DH sometimes has a problem with his sugar and needs the OJ and peanut butter to fix him up. I thought I was going to be able to save a little money (very little with the price of milk these days).

I am still so revved! Only 8 days to go!!!

Yeah, Me! OOPS, Yeah Us!



If you are going to get a few items, then definately get the half gallons. Another option would be to purchase a foam cooler from the grocery store and use that for other cold goods. You can get ice from your resort. You can even pack a collapsable (sp?) cooler for this. You can use either for smaller items and keep the fridge for milk and OJ.


Yea, if you have a big milk drinking family, I would do what Dana said so that you have more rrom for other things. Have a great trip!


Thanks, Ladies! I don’t believe we have a collapsible cooler. I will have to check around. I appreciate the advice. I don’t usually fly so we always have coolers with us to use.

Thanks again,


We are big milk drinkers, and a gallon of milk will fit in along with a 2 liter bottle of soda. So you would be ok with a gallon of milk and carton of OJ. You will have to take the metal shelf out though. Which is no problem it just pulls out.


That’s even better. you can take any kind of cooler with you than. I suggested the collapsible one cause I thought you flew there…lol