Refurb has upset me


Went to allearsnet this morning to get all upset.Primeval whril will be getting a refurb while we are there. This is the ride my daughter couldn’t ride last year b/c of her height. So all year we have strecthed her DH graps feet DM graps hands and we pull, she goes to the measuring stick and WOW it works (she thinks) she was only an inch off last year so I knew she would grow an inch this year therefore she could ride it this year. So now what do I tell her?:crying:


We like this ride as well. It really jerked us around this last time though… I was quite dizzy!


Yeah i saw on Monday that this is in refurb during my next trip as well. I love this ride too.


Well…I guess another trip must be planned in order for her to ride! Any excuse to plan another trip.


What bethishooked said. :laugh:


Yep, what smee said.:laugh:


Yep, time to plan another trip. Sorry about that, as adults we can deal with it but kids have a tougher time after looking forward to something all year.


I would recommend not mentioning the ride at all, but start getting her excited for all the other rides that will be open that she might not have been tall enough for before. Maybe if you don’t bring it up, she might not remember how much she wanted to ride.


Awww - too bad. Hopefully she’ll have so much else to see and do that it won’t be too disappointing - and of course you’ll have to start planning that next trip.


That’s how I felt about Specto parade. My DH and sons don’t like the parades, so in '06 we didn’t see any. Then last year when I was there with just my little guy, he slept thru the parade (and the MNSSHP one too), so this was the trip I thought he would finally get to see it, and it’s not taking place now with the bridge refurb. :sad:


I agree. Try to shift her attention to another ride she wasn’t tall enough for previously. If she likes rollercoasters and is tall enough maybe you can pump up the fact that she is now tall enough for the big girl rides. She might forget all about Primeval if she can ride something else more popular in the parks.


That’s a shame. Sorry for her. I will miss riding it also. I like this attration.


It’s going to be down for our trip too. Bummer! It beats us up pretty good, but it’s fun!:happy:


So sorry it’s going to be closed while you are there. That happened to us once with Splash Mountain.


There are SO MANY new things going on since you were there a year ago, I think she will be OK! And like everyone said, just an excuse to plan another trip!

I know with kids it’s hard, when DD4 was a hair too short for Soarin’ she was sad . . . but only for a few minutes . . . we just said “OH WELL! Next time!” and knowing there would be a “next time” made her happy enough! :happy:


That’s a shame. Just keep the little one happy with other things.
I actually moved a trip once from January to November in order not to miss Splash Mountain. Ohhhhhh the lengths we Disney crazy people go to.


If it were me I would tell her up front and ask her if she’d rather cancel the trip. I’ll bet she opts to go and make do with it being closed.


I feel for you, DD had been trying her best to “grow” this year so she’ll be tall enough to go on Rock-n-Roller Coaster. If that was closed for refurb I’d be in trouble too.

I’ve never ridden on Primeval Whirl since I’ve heard it nicknamed: Primeval Hurl!


I would tell her that they are fixing it and you will have to wait until next year to ride when it will be even better than before. Now you have an excuse to go back…even plan with her when you will.


Both sides at once will be down?
Remember, Primeval Whirl is a two sided ride and it might be possible to keep one side open while the other side is closed.
Anyway, if PW is closed, your child should still be able to ride Big Thunder and Space Mountain.
The PW coaster is nothing special, in fact, it’s an available from a catalog ride that is also seen at many traveling fairs and carnivals. Not something like it, but the exact same ride. So, keep your eye out for it in your neighborhood this summer.