Refurbishment Schedule


How accurate is the refurbishment schedule on the Disney site? Has anyone paid attention to how closely they are to opening and closing the exact dates listed?

In particular, I’m wondering if there is any real possibility of Buzz Lightyear opening back sooner?

In December, the calendar had mentioned two places that would be open and when we got there they weren’t so now I’m skeptical about the site.


I’m a bit skeptical myself of the WDW site. I’ve had the best of luck on
Click this link for the rehab schedule:


They are usually pretty much on the ball with the rehab schedules, however they have been known to close attractions for minor rehab without notice. I would call before you leave to get an up-to-date rehab list.


I sure hope the WDW site is right. Buzz is one of my favorites and I can not miss that. :mickey:


I really want to make sure they open TT back up on schedule… it’s cutting very close to our trip, and it’s our favorite ride… once of our top reasons for loving WDW! Somebody hand me some naiils and a hammer, I’m gonna get to work on that ride myself!