Regarding Fulton's Crab House


Can anyone tell me if Fulton’s has a raw bar? I thought at one point I saw something like that on their menu over at allearsnet. I looked for it today and the menu looks slightly boring bordering on blah…


Fulton’s has many many daily specials, none of which show up on All Ears. They also can prepare your fish in a large variety of ways.
They don’t have a stand alone raw bar, but you can get raw oysters brought to your table. Not sure about clams, but who eats raw clams anyway. Finally, between October 18 and April 18 of every year, they have Florida stone crab claws (this is when they’re in season).
Any other questions? We usually eat there every trip.


We were there two weeks ago and sorry no raw bar. But we had the third best meal of our trip (and it would have been second except we didn’t like the desserts).


I knew you would come and help me out, Doug, thanks a million!
Since we’re going in late Jan. I’ll be lucky to get to try the stone crab, yumm.

No, no other questions really. Not yet any way :happy:


Warning:stone crab claws are expensive! Especially the larger ones.


yes, I read your report. too bad you didn’t llike that yummy looking chocolate cake.
I am excited to make an ADR there and try their chocolate creme brule’


That doesn’t bother me. I don’t mind paying for good food. I hate paying for crappy, so-so, la-di-da food and bad service :wink:


[QUOTE=Dopey;885712]yes, I read your report. too bad you didn’t llike that yummy looking chocolate cake.
I am excited to make an ADR there and try their chocolate creme brule’[/QUOTE]

It just seemed a tad dry, plus it had a raspberry sauce in the middle and I’m not big on fillings in my chocolate cake. Truthfully, I was too full after my Crab Claws to eat another thing.


I’ve never eaten at Fulton in my life, it may be because I absolutely despise seafood. Do they have chicken or steak available? I know Daniel would be SO happy to go there but I don’t want to end up eating soup crackers and salad. :laugh: (not that my heffer butt couldn’t use the break, I’d just rather eat a steak :laugh:)


Yes, they do. Our oldest son’s ex-girlfriend did not like seafood and we went there for his high school graduation four years ago. She had the Free Range Chicken Breast and I know they also have a Grilled Filet Mignon.


Thanks for posting Dopey, I was thinking of going to Fulton’s on our next trip :biggrin:


LOL… that is hilarious.

They do have steak, though, so you’ll be fine. And some really cool hash browns cooked and served in a skillet.

DOPEY – We eat at Fulton’s a lot, and we love it. We have always gotten the Crab Platter For Two, which is one fo the things that they mention when you come in, I don’t think it is on the regular menu.

The thing we love best about this gi-normous pile of crab is that there are many kinds of crab on the platter (King, Snow, Stone…), and some of them are indigenous to Florida, including some really sweet white ones.


:laugh: Their chocolate creme bruille is great


I always wanted to try the fried shrimp but I think they took that off the menu as of the last time I looked when I was there, oh well looks like Filet for me!


They certainly have fried shrimp at lunch still. I can’t see them doing away with the fryer in the evening, so I think it’s a safe bet that you can still order fried shrimp, even if it isn’t on the menu. Fulton’s is like that.


I second soundgod’s opinion. Since they have the fryers fired up for other items on the menu, shouldn’t be a problem to get fried shrimp. Might be more expensive than the lunch price though (but I am guessing you would get a bigger portion).


We have our first ever ADR at Fulton’s scheduled in December. We are both looking forward to it especially after reading how good the food is. I agree with Soundgod - I don’t mind paying if the food and the service is good. I do very much dislike paying big bucks for crummy service and/or so-so food.


I think I’d slightly disagree here. But the disagreement is that the lunch shrimp are rock shrimp, a smaller shrimp. For dinner, I’d expect either extra large or jumbos. For those who shop, 16-21 or 21-30, probably U-15 sized shrimp. for those that have no idea what that means, those numbers are how many shrimp equal a pound. U-15 are jumbos. Larger shrimp cost more. The lunch portion is really big, but the shrimp are small, almost what one would call “popcorn” shrimp.


Thanks, I will have to stop by and ask while I am there in Nov


I might have an answer for you in three weeks. That’s when I’ve planned to have lunch there. I’ll try to remember to ask.