Relocating to Disney?


Hey everyone!

I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile. Has anyone ever considered moving/have moved to Florida to be closer to Disney? I know it may sound crazy, but I’ve always wondered.

I, for one, would love to but being close to Disney would NOT be the only reason. Aside from saving tons of money every year, I wouldn’t mind that Florida sunshine year round!



I have definitely thought about it. I gave it serious consideration about a year ago when I was going through a divorce but the thought of uprooting my children from their friends and school just didn’t seem like a good thing to do. In hindsight, I’m glad I stayed where I am. Plus, getting on an airplane to get to the happiest place on Earth makes the trip even more fun for us.


Well, I look at it from the opposite perspective. I lived in Florida for 12 years and had annual passes but ever since we moved to NJ I feel like our trips have become longer, more appreciated & enjoyable, and definately more extravagant than they were when we lived there. I think now b/c we can only make one or two trips there per year we are SURE to make it special. I actually think that perhaps moving father away from Disney was the best thing I could have done. :laugh:


I did it.

You are going to make less money but you don’t have a state income tax. Property taxes are now about the same as what we had in NJ but house insurance is much higher. Bugs yeah there are lots of bugs and instead of having season like up north you just get a change of bugs.

Over all I love FLA but I wouldn’t move here to be closer to Disney. Disney doesn’t seem as special to me now (don’t get me wrong I still like it but I’m not into Disney for the entertainment value).

If you are you serious about it come down to Orlando and rent a place up by winter park and spend a week doing stuff besides Disney. Read the Orlando Sentinel (esp the neighborhood blogs). Meet with a realtor to see houses in your price range. Check out the job boards to see what type of jobs are available. oh and do it the first week of Aug that will give you the worst of the worst heat and humidity (which truthfully after living here a couple years I really don’t notice it).


Relocating to Disney is my plan. When I went back to school last year, my goal was to have a career at Disney, so I majored in Hospitality and Tourism. I decided to apply for the college program, and then did the college program fall 06. Right now I’ve got 2 more semesters before I finish my degree, then I’m planning to do a Professional internship and relocate to Florida. My husband has bitten by the mouse too, and he wants to work for Disney when we move to Florida.


If you can get a job at Disney it is a great life career. They actually give their people the opportunity to move up the ladder. Most of the upper management started out working in the parks.


I am planning on it… we have spoken to realtors and made some rough plans!


STOP it, are you serious?


Im a little late in life and settled in family both nuclear and extended to move to Orlando- Not that I would want to- I have a crazy fear of “palmetto bugs”


As much as I love Disney and enjoy the parks I don’t know that I would want to live in Orlando year round. I know my DH wouldn’t let me stay in a resort for 2 weeks and do nothing but Disney if we lived close. Maybe some day when I don’t have to work but for now I’m happy with our long trips. I also coudn’t take my son away from his grandparents.


We’re here partly due to Disney!!! :laugh:


I didn’t necessarily mean move to Orlando…it could just be anywhere relativley close to Disney. I totally agree that taking the long vacations to Disney would be much more special…but I would also agree that it can get real expensive going on 2-3 trips a year like I do. That’s one of the reasons I would like to make the move.

I can understand the people who have families and don’t want to relocate. This is understandable. But for me at a young age, it would be a much easier decision. Also, there is only so much of this 6-7 month winter in New England I can take!!


You are right, doing it while you are young makes it so much easier. I think our parents would be very hurt if we moved out of state now. Had I done it at 22 when I got out of college they would have been a little better with it (I think).

Funny side note–When I left for college my dad was always asking me when I was coming home. I was home at least once a month (boyfriend at home) but he was always asking when I would be home for good. I moved home to student teach and when I finished in November I had a job lined up for the second semester of that year. When my dad found out it was 45 minutes away he was surprised that I would want to drive that far every day and seemed shocked when I said I was going to move there. I felt so bad moving less than an hour away. My sister, on the other hand, was a totally different story, I think my dad actually backed her car out of the driveway for her. :laugh: She now lives several states away.


I hear your pain!!!
However I love that we go the first week of Feb when the weather sucks here and the weather there is warming up- we also go the last week of value season so it works financially. I dont know that I would do well with the gators and the cockroaches just to be warmer (and not really- a friend of mine moved there and now gets cold anywhere north she goes and wears a jacket in the winter down there) and closer to disney… she never goes now that she is down there-


When Rlander and I are older, we plan to be Snow Birds… North in the Summer, South for the Winter!


I tried talking my DH into since he lost his job back in March, but he said no.:crying: Seriously, we were supposed to transfer to Tampa 5 1/2 years ago because they were moving most of his company down there. My DH decided to take a chance and told them he wasn’t going. Well, he kept his job for the last 5 1/2 years- three people stayed and continued here in Indiana (all were recently let go). But, he also likes to point out that there were people in Tampa that also got let go in March and had we been down there, we would have been “stuck” (meaning there would never be a chance to transfer back to Indiana if we decided to do it). So, I think that was our only chance to live near WDW.


Same here. Disney has a program for “old” people to work there during the 2 or 3 months the snowbirds spend in Florida. I am going to check that out once I am “old”. So now here’s the predicament, do I want to be old?:blush:


I am always tellling my DH to get a job in Florida so we can be closer to Orlando, but I don’t think we’ll ever actually do it!


I actually sent my resume to WDW and did speak with them about employment in 1998, but they couldn’t make the best use of my skill set at that time.
The killer is for a time between 98 and 2001 I had to make day runs to Orlando to pick up special lighting equipment not available in Miami and I stopped at Universal for a couple hours each time before heading back to Miami. Call it a long lunch break. Also there was a week long convention we did at the Portofino (stayed on property) and the time I was with John Denver and he was playing a convention at the Dolphin, so I did have a day at WDW on the clock.


Every time we visit WDW I want to go by and put in an application. We did think about moving near Orlando back in 2000 while we were there for a 2 week vacation. I picked up the newspaper and looked through the want ads and we even looked through some realty books too. Eventhough I don’t have any family left, I just couldn’t ask my DH to move that far away from his. At the time we were both unemployed and it would have been perfect opportunity; our DD was 8 and would have LOVED it but now that she’s only got 2 more years of HS left, I’ve told her that she needs to go to college in FL so that we can move with her! :laugh:

My dream job at Disney would be to go out with the Characters and monitor the line. I think that I would probably get fired pretty quick because I will have to say I might be a little bit of a hard@$$ on the people who like to cut in line…oooh that burns me:mad: