Remember fireworks being tested (VIDEO)


Look at these fireworks for the upcoming “Remember” Show! Watch this whole 2 minute video, the fireworks that are being used look SO COOL!

Right click that link, then press “save target as” Then save it to your computer and watch, it’s SO COOl. This Remember show is going to be AWSOME. The coolest ones by far are the Huge comets launching from the matterhorn, so sweet!


wow…amazing…can’t wait to see it in person! Thanks DLRocks for posting…


AWESOME!!! :slight_smile: i agree…cant WAIT to see it in person!!!


Thanks for the video DLR! :smile:


This is one of the most important things I’ve discovered all day while planning my trip! Not knowing what the show would look like, I could only guess at what I could see and where. Now I know that I NEED to shoot from the plaza outside the main gates as well as the usual Main Street locations that work for Wishes at the Magic Kingdom. This means I should come home with 5 different shots of the new fireworks show that I can edit down into one finished tape.