Remember that breakfast at CP


so I could walk down main street while it was somewhat empty??? Well, we were a little afraid that because of filming the Christmas parade it wouldn’t be quite so empty, so we cancelled the ADR. Now I see the park hours have been changed for those days. Dec 1 Mk opens at 8 am (EMH) but on Dec 2 & 3, it also opens at 8 am. We would have been having that 8:10 stroll to breakfast with a thousand other people. :ohmy:


Good call Joanne! That wouldn’t have been a very quiet stroll!


I’m also guessing Disney is expecting is to be busy overall. We’ve been several times at this time span and don’t remember having MK opening at 8 AM several days in a row.


Good call!


ooh, good that you canceled! 8am seems so early, but MK opens at 8 our 1st day there too. I felt the same way - they are expecting big crowds…