Remember the first time you ever ate at WDW?


Where was it and what did you eat?

(not my original idea for a thread, but I thought it would make for some fun reminiscing)

We were at WDW in 1999 staying off property. We wanted to eat somewhere in the park and the CM at guest services in Epcot suggested the Crystal Palace for breakfast.
We were hooked on the whole “staying at Disney” idea from then on and nothing else would do…

your turn


I was 4 when I went the first time… 1975… I remember drinking out of the “orange” for something to drink from the carts. I don’t really remember the food, though. I do remember buying tickets to ride rides and begging my dad to get more tickets so I could ride something… I do not remember what it was, but I think it was something in fantasyland or adventureland. I do remember drinking at the terrace drink place near the tiki room- It was so hot, and I was thrilled to drink something cold.


It was our honeymoon :heart: my first time at WDW and boy o boy did we over pay that entire trip!!! If I only know then!
We drove from MA…never again, it was a one in a life time experience.
We stayed at OKW, I was so mesmerized by the resort.
We checked in, changed ( I still remember what I wore :wub:) and went to Olivia’s. I had the prime rib with a frosty beverage. We sat outside on the terrace.
I think Olivia’s is defiantly an over looked restaurant by most. It was a delish meal. It is still my most favorite trip EVER!!! And most expensive :laugh::pinch:


The very first trip and man looking back can you tell!!! We stayed at POP and as soon as we got there we went to the Food Court to grab some lunch since everyone was starving!! I remember thinking how neat the refillable mugs were and promptly picked up one for each of us… Hilarious, as if I knew then what I know now… I would have been on the DDP, and had a ressie waiting somewhere at MK!!!

Every trip is a learning trip!!


My DD’s were 9 months and 3yo. I wis I had those days back. We stayed at Dixies Landing.


I was 8 on my first trip and until you asked, I didn’t realize how much I remember. I remember 2 meals from that trip.

One was at Crystal Palace. I think I remember it because my sister and I had character hats and Tigger kept playing with them.

The other meal was in Japan. I remember it because of it was so cool to watch my meal being cooked.

Thanks for starting this thread! I keep having flashbacks from that trip! :wub:


It is amazing what comes back to you once you start looking.


Contemporary for breakfast the first year WDW opened. We went from the front desk right up to the room and did not clue into where the monorail went through the building. I saw it entering and exiting as we drove up that night coming in from the airport, but I was too tired to further explore. We left after school and had a very long connection delay on the flight down.
When we went down to the concourse for breakfast the next morning and I heard a wosh above my head. I was amazed. I just sat there and watched each monorail pass through forgetting that I was starved just 30 minutes earlier.


i’m having a hard time remembering so I will ask DH when he returns, but I do remember keeping the napkin and the paper cups with the Disney graphics on, we used to keep everything just in case we never returned!


I was 13 and I believe it was Garden Grill.


My first DISNEY trip was in 1996 - we stayed at CBR. MissSMIG was 3 HollyLynne was 6. It was our first family vacation - DH and I were married September '96.

The first place we ate was at Tony’s on Main street. I remember walking into MK just as everyone was lining up for SpectroMagic. Something I will never forget.


I think the first time I went, which was in Oct 96 and the only time I haven’t stayed on property, we ate at Pecos Bill’s in the MK and Electric Umbrella in Epcot. I can’t remember if or where we ate in MGM.
There’s nothing memorable about those hamburgers.


I didn’t remember… so I read my first trip report! Which I enjoyed very much. :biggrin:

Turns out it was at Spoodles!


I believe the first place I ate was at Casey’s when I was 7. We still have to have a hot dog there every trip for traditions sake. My first table service meal was Biergarten. My sister and I were missing our family reunion and since we are decendants of German immigrants we thought it appropriate.


[QUOTE=Andrea;1059670]I didn’t remember… so I read my first trip report! Which I enjoyed very much. :biggrin:

Turns out it was at Spoodles![/QUOTE]

ok, how about posting a link to said trip report, huh?


I don’t remember our first ADR. I remember eating at Biergarten and Alfredo’s as a child. We would always eat at Alfredo’s for my mother’s birthday because it was her favorite. They had these little ladybug desserts for the kids. They were so cute.

I remember my first character meal, though. It was at Crystal Palace in 2001. Our fellow Disney-loving friends from SC were going to be there at the same time we were. They told my mom all of their plans so we could catch up with them during the week. They had an ADR at CP for four for lunch. However, they had decided to go home early, so they called and let us use their ADR.


My 1st trip was Oct 93, Honeymoon trip. We stayed off-site right outside the gate since we weren’t aware of the “inner-world” yet. I can’t really remember where the 1st place we ate was, I think it may have been Cosmic Rays or Pinnochio Haus. But I do remember the last…Mexico!


Our first trip was in 1995. We stayed at Dixie Landings, but for the life of me, I don’t remember where we had our first meal. Couldn’t have been very good.


We have decided it was Goofy’s Grill at DTD.


I keep putting this off because I truly don’t remember where we ate. Our first trip was with another family in which we stayed at AKL and they stayed off site. So, I’m positive the Mara was one of the first places we ate. The only time I remember eating on that trip really was when both families were at Blizzard Beach, and we had a picnic with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!