Remember the Titans


Is on TBS right now…just stumbled upon it…I love this film anyone else?


Yes, I love it. I love the assistant coach’s little girl, too.


She is cute…

Well I need to shove off to bed…I guess I can pop the DVD in later and finish watching it.



I love this movie too. It’s a classic.


I absolutely enjoyed that movie. Sorry I missed this thread. I would have loved to have seen it again. I am certain I will catch it on sooner or later. You know how the cable company loves to beat the heck out of a good movie by playing it over and over and over again…lol


I agree, it’s a great movie. It’s like the Shawshank Redemption, when it on it’s on every day for a month.


Excellent movie!!!

I Hope you’re having a great time at WDW today!

But, yeah - the movie is amazing!


I love that movie. I tried to talk DH into watching it, and then I fell asleep. I have idea if he did or not.


I’ve never seen this movie! :eek: I wanted to see it when it came out originally, but I think I forgot all about it. I should order it from Netflix right now, thanks! :happy:


This movie was used when my department sent me to “Sergeant School” a few years ago. We watched it and Crimson Tide. The object was to compare and contrast the various “supervisor/leader styles” each main character had in the films…it ended up really being a nice mid-week break where we got to watch a couple of movies!


Great movie! Great story!


I am not a football fan, but I think this movie is great. It has so many themes and great life lessons in it.


Okay…dumb question…:blush:…is this the one with Denzel Washington?


Yes, it is. And it’s on again right now a little more than an hour in.


It’s one of my all-time favorite films!!! I wish it could be required viewing for all high-schools!!!


I would have loved to watch movies like that in High school!


Shame on me! I have never seen this movie.