Reminder, WDW on Travel Channel


tonight on the travel channel, 9pm EST, is a WDW special followed by a Disney Cruise special at 10pm EST. nice if you need a fix… and from what i understand from another thread that was posted recently (but couldn’t find to add this)…it’s a new special. ENJOY :mickey:


Thanks for the info! So…is that your WDW on Travel Channel viewing ensemble? Lovely purple tutu and tiara!


i thought i’d sport a faux disney princess ensemble for the occassion, you like? lol :laugh:


Oh my YES! It is tres manifique! Or however that is spelled:laugh: I may have to find me one for Halloween!


Walt Disney World Resort! Walt Disney World Resort! I’m getting sick of this one!!! It’s been on so much lately.


Hmm…well…you could turn it off!:closedeye :laugh: :laugh:


At this point(7 Days)I’m thinking more about what I’m going to videotape and photograph and how I might assemble it. I’m also probably going to watch the pres at 9.


uh huh, do we need to perform an intervention? lolol. i know it’s been on a couple times this week, but this will be the first i get to see it cause i was busy, forgot, etc etc. but it sounds like someone has been indulging frequently, hmmmmm?


I’m also in a hammock between a two day visit last week and a 7 day visit next week. So, well, you know.


T’ain’t me! I could watch it over and over and over again:blush: But…I’d be more than happy to attend an intervention on Soundgods part.


oh just stab me in the heart why don’t ya :pinch: :laugh: have pity for the leftovers club!!!


Now for the killing blow.
I was “That Guy” during my viewing of Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.

And, yes, I looked at the cable listings for Travel Channel, as I do every day, to see if they were running theme park or coaster shows. I’ll probably flip in at some point.


…wow :laugh: ain’t no flys on you!! he’s jiggy with it, got the 411.(probably has the travel channel programmed into the remote on speed dial, lol)


Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot.


Thanks for the reminder - I watched it last night and it was great!!! I’m so glad they made a new one with the new attractions and rehabs.

Thanks again!


it was almost too much to watch - we will be there in a week!!! I got so excited watching main street, it was so funny! if it had been someone else that excited, i would of made fun of them…:ph34r: I’m in a sappy mood, so this was fun to see, and know I’ll be there soon!!:wub: :wub:

better not watch any sappy movies tonight, i’ll be bawling like a baby!!:blush:


Epilogue: I was at the supermarket and out of the house from around 8:30 till 9:50 and the first thing I did was turn on cable news. I did catch a couple minutes of the cruise line show. By 12 midnight, when they were repeating, I was watching something else and at 12:30, I turned on Farce of the Penguins.
As I said, I’d seen it already this week and I’ll be there in 7 days.